Minestatus advertising Budweiser on voting site

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  1. When voting on minestatus today, I had to watch a beer commercial and enter "this bud's for you" in order to vote. This is not the product to be advertising on minecraft voting sites. Minecraft audience is mostly preteens and teens.

    I think Minestatus should screen their advertising better. I sent them a complaint on their website, if anyone else feels the same, here is how to do it. Go to the minestatus.com website, click on Sign in, then click on contact us at the bottom left of screen. You will need to enter name and email address in order to send your comment.
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  2. Selling out at its finest.

    I don't even understand why everyone doesn't just use Google's one-click captcha. It's very good at finding the bots and it's SO MUCH EASIER for the end user. Serverpact's HTML5 slider authentication is also very easy and effective. I only vote on the sites that use those and any site that uses the "click the stained glass - oh I'm sorry you clicked the freaking hamburger" can screw off IMO.
  3. ummm its targeted advertising though... all i get on minestatus are....anime girl advertisements, and computer parts. so the ads you get usually are representative of things you use google for
  4. I love me some beer but for a game that is geared towards all age groups, this is not a wise choice.
  5. I think its Google's ad choice, I don't think the website really decides what ad to send to who?
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  6. As others have mentioned, I don't think it's the site that chooses the ads, I think it's Google. Not much you can do about it - it's usually based on what you have searched but sometimes you will get something a bit unrelated for no reason.
  7. Not always true. Google's given me ads for jewelry and I have never in my life searched the internet to buy jewelry. The ads are sometimes targeted and other times have nothing to do with anything you like.

    EDIT - Looks like minestatus uses SolveMedia as a captcha service and they are not using Google ads. I believe they are throwing random ads at you for whoever sponsors them. They also show no ability to target their ads towards you as individual as their sites shows their data coming from Circulate, which I have never heard of before.
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  8. Someone couldn't pay me to drink Budweiser, that barely qualifies as beer.
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  9. You had the perfect opportunity to make a pun! "this is not a weise choice" :p

    I don't really have a strong opinion on this. I guess it is a little uncalled for to have a beer add on game that can fit any range of ages but at the same time, I don't think it's smart to keep a child in on the closet about that stuff. If you were to go ahead and explained it to them that beer is bad and without a doubt, off-limits, then propaganda like that shouldn't be a problem. :)
  10. The problem with that one is, is that it doesn't work on phones, for honestly no reason at all. They really should fix that.
  11. Over here we get told to drink responsibly from the age of like, five upwards. You're obviously not going to be able to stop a teen drinking if they're dead-set on it: the best you can do is instil that they shouldn't go overboard with it, and stop when they think they should stop.

    Advertising beer, IMO, isn't really that much of a bad thing. If its being advertised to teens, chances are they know what it is already. If its being advertised to kids, chances are they've seen their parents drinking it and may have drank a tiny bit themselves (I had a few sips of beer or lager at family gatherings when I was little. Nowadays I just drink a small glass or two at bars when we go out to somewhere with one if my mum and dad order anything). Its not doing much harm. Besides, its targeted advertising, so... :p
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  12. Well google also gathers information about you like your age, and is like he should have a gf by now she would like this
  13. Really?? Because all I get are ads about insurance.. *feels old* I don't recall being so interested in insuring things, though.
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  14. I can understand the annoyance but fact of the matter is that most sites do not control the kind of advertisement they send out. Or worse, like EMC experienced some time ago: when an ad. turns out to be something malicious.

    So far the ads never bothered me at all, but that's mostly because I use Adblock Plus. It's not the best ad blocker out there, but it does keep the annoying parts from my screen.
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  15. maybe the ads are telling you youre accident prone :p
  16. Google knows too much O_O
  17. I we're talking about adblockers, I'd recommend ublock origin. It works really well for me. :) (I actually switched to it from Adblock Plus)
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  18. Advertising beer is not really bad at all. I think most kids have seen part of a football game. If you have seen any football you would see beer advertising all over the place.
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  19. Yeah I was up at a MLB baseball field the other day for an event (not a baseball related one though) and ALL of the ads around the stadium were either alcohol or fast food related. Vodka, Tequila, Bourbon, Beer, McDonalds, Wendys, etc.
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