Minestatus advertising Budweiser on voting site

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MrsWishes, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Do you reside on smp8? If so who knows. :p
  2. Oh, that sort of cam show.
  3. Quite possibly >_>
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  4. The I-don't-wanna-think-about-it type? :confused:
  5. It's just beer.

    I could see if the ad was for an adult movie, but an alcohol advertisement isn't really that harmful. If you are going to drink alcohol or not is your choice, the site is not grabbing a beer and forcing it into your hands.

    If you feel like you are offended, unsafe, or not mature enough for the advertising on that site please do not return to it during your daily voting.
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  6. i do
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  7. Yes
  8. I blame the government
  9. This thread is funny :p
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  10. Same! I've reported the cam show... Creepy pervs! :p
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  11. That doesn't mean it's appropriate. I have no further comment regarding this reply.

    And this is DEFINITELY not appropriate.

    Exactly. The true random nature of these ads is astounding. One of them asked me if I wanted to take a vacation from my job, while another asked me if I planned on getting life insurance...? I'm pretty sure a kid playing these games wouldn't even know what life insurance is, and an adult would most likely be frightened by having asked some personal financial questions from an ad site, almost as if they're "collecting" this information.

    The ones on Minestatus force you to watch their video ads about half-way in before they give you a captcha to type/solve, so there's no way around them.

    Pfft, I've avoided every and any computer program or service with the name "Origin" in it since Electronic Arts lol

    Thanks, Obama Minestatus. :p
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  12. You midas well be as blunt as possible and just say "If you don't like it, too bad, there's the back button"
  13. Yeh
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  14. I don't even get a video on Minestatus.net. All I get is a purple box with a saying in it (such as: trust in me) that I have to type into the answer box.
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  15. It's 50/50; sometimes they display a video, sometimes they ask you a question. RARELY do words just appear that you can just type. ^_^; (Fun fact: I visited that site just now for shits and giggles [didn't click anything or vote though] and the words "good grief" were the captcha this time around.)

    When they DO display a video though, you HAVE to be able to both load it AND watch it at least 50% through. If you don't, or if the video won't load, you don't get a captcha to type in and you have to refresh the page instead or just choose a different site to vote on.

    But, in all seriousness, the "too bad deal with it" mentality in one of the comments before really sends the wrong message.
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  16. Is this directed at me? and if so, was it for the comment?
    If so, that was a joke, but if Roslyn approaches me about it and informs me that it offended her/him then I will apologize for the comment.
  17. Not you lol, but I won't say because I don't wanna point fingers and it's for the same reason Staff aren't allowed to tell anyone what griefing culprits did what and for what reason so ye
    But yeah, you're cool. Don't worry xD
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