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  1. I would like to host a

    Miner Recommendation List

    The list is for the express purpose of people to recommend those with whom they have had a positive trading or business experience. This is meant specifically for auctions, sale or exchange of items listed in the Products forum and other personal business conducted outside of a chest shop. My intention is to record a specific business transaction, and not an simply an overall positive sentiment.

    I know this is long, but please read it in full before posting a recommendation.

    Here is a list of things this is not intended to be:
    • This is not a chest shop recommendation thread
    • This is not a thread for voicing opinions about other players, just recommending them as trustworthy Miners
    • This is not a thread for complaining about a deal gone bad, please PM a Moderator with your dispute
    • This is not a thread to say anything negative about another miner, it is only meant to record positive experiences.
    • This thread is not intended to record information about transactions that occurred prior to February 25, 2013.
    • This is not a thread to talk about prices or values of items or services
    • This thread is not about recommending people just because you like them, but rather to record specific, recent transactions.
    • This is not for self-promotion, but for validating the ethical business practices of others in the community one transaction at a time.
    You could be the seller or the buyer in the transaction. Both can post to this thread if they choose.

    How it works:

    You have just had a successful, positive transaction with the player MCminer401. You add a post to this thread with the following format:

    MCminer401 +1 *saletype*

    *saletype* would be:
    • <A> - Auction (through an Auction thread)
    • <D> - Direct Sale (through the Products Thread)
    • <P> - Private Sale (not published on either of the afore-mentioned threads)
    • <R> - Residential (For services provided at your residence where flags were given to another miner)
    I would then add MCminer401 to the list of recommended miners in the original post with a +1 by his name. If he was already on the list, I would add to his count of reccomendations.

    I will now add recommendations for those I have had transactions with in the past week. Please only add information regarding transactions from Feb 25 going forward. I realized this will be a pain in the neck to manage if the names are not alphabetized.


    Recommended Miners (Name Rating Saletype)

    8comimi +1 P
    AlexChance +1 A
    AmusedStew +2 A, P
    AndrewBryer +1 R
    BlueAkatsuki +1 P
    cadgamer101 +5 A, P
    Curundu +2 A, D
    daulton03 +1 R
    Dojodo +2 P
    FatAndyTheGreat +1 A
    jacob5089 +1 P
    Jakres +1 A
    Jcplugs +2 P
    JoshPosh70 +3 D
    Kadboy + 2 D, P
    Kilmannan +4 D
    LizardKing_ +1 P
    marklea +1 D
    metalchain2 +1 P
    MinecraftZT +1 P
    Mrlegitislegit +1 P
    neonkillah +2 A, P
    Ninjaboy5656 +1 P
    oremia +6 R
    OrigamiJoe +1 R
    Qwertyip +4 P, R
    sonicol1 +1 P
    Southpark347 +2 P, R
    The_Legend4 +1 A
    TheSpyPie +2 P, R
  2. Here are my first recommendations.

    Kilmannan +1 Direct Sale
    AlexChance +1 Auction
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  3. Watch out, Alex and kil >=3

    That aside, this could be a very useful thread.
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  4. Maybe add a section in to cover people you've employed to do jobs for you such as dirt digging on your Res? That way you've got a list of people that can be reasonably trusted with flags on a Residence.

    Nice idea overall! Hope it gets used!
  5. Great point. Added category
  6. Good idea, somewhat like eBay's feedback system. These are all private sales I've done behind the Lumpy Pumpkin counter, so they are pretty small, but still, for me they count as positive.

    AmusedStew +1 Private Sale
    Mrlegitislegit +1 Private Sale
    8comimi +1 Private Sale
    jacob5089 +1 Private Sale
    MinecraftZT +1 Private Sale
    sonicol1 +1 Private Sale

    These other ones I was buying instead of selling:

    metalchain2 +1 Private Sale
    BlueAkatsuki +1 Private Sale
    LizardKing_ +1 Private Sale (I made him bother setting a shop for a few stacks of pumpkins and he was nice enough to set it, totally trustworthy and patient xD)

    While searching through all payments, I also saw the donations. I would add them here, because it's people giving rupees for free, which should show that they are trustworthy, but for now I just put the trades.
  7. Thanks Lasluin. They have been added.
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  8. +Fatanythegreat Auctions
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  9. You mean FatAndyTheGreat?
  10. Haha yea sorry I'm bad with names
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  11. How has no one said Jakres yet?


    Jakres +1 Private Sale

    I have made a number of sales with him at multiple wild outposts.
  12. Jcplugs +1 Private sales
    TheSpyPie +1 Private sales
    Southpark347 +1 Private sales + residential
    Ninjaboy5656 +1 Private sales

    Great idea Curundu, I'd also suggest adding something to the OP asking people not to recommend their friends strictly because they are their friends.

    I remember Alexschrod wanted to put his programming skills to use for EMC, perhaps some sort of site for this separately would be handy? :D
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  13. Hi mba, the specific purpose of this thread is to record specific transactions, not just general recommendations. If you have a transaction with Jakres going forward, please let me know. Thanks.
  14. Good points. Alexschrod, please PM me if interested, I would be happy to work with you on a separate website.

    Oh, and as the manager of this list, I am exempt from receiving recommendations.
  15. Perhaps you could award certification to the highest point earners of the week, month and year?
  16. Thank you for your suggestion. This will not be a contest and the only award is that of having a good reputation in the eyes of your fellow miners.
  17. AndrewBryer +1 residential

    I like this idea
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  18. For great wiring help:

    daulton03 +1 Residential
  19. I'm not suggesting a contest, the award could be a tool to promote one's reputation to receive more business.
  20. I think if the mods hooked your system up directly into the emc site, that would be awsome. Kinda just like ebay. When you see someones name the would be a # following their name. Would make the marketplace section much more appealing, knowing who has a good rep. Whould also be great for newcomers to see who would be good people to interact with in terms of learning the ropes, so to say. Could even maybe have like a feedback plugin attached to each auction or something.