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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by mailman31401, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. i think u shud make a splitscreen plugin it wud be gud because mysister cantafford money to build her account to premier so she dusnt want 2 play minecraft but i want a split screen feature 2 the game minecraft mysister wud play if she hada computer but shedoesnt somakethisp[ls!!!!! myabeaddit to thenew I.6 plugin so eyether buymy sister a computer or make minecraft split screen mod / plugin idk whiccckh oonee?
  2. EMC doesn't make plugins that affects client side.
  3. i know right! why do u even want splitscreen mailman?
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  4. well if i can say it does then they can OK? but well done for picking that out
  5. rabies i explained all that so read the post
  6. you explained how your sister doesnt want minecraft
  7. and how she cant afford it
  8. yes but why???? (syndicate reference)
  9. cause i can everbody stop judging me
  10. Umm?? Idk what to say to that
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  11. well u just said something
  12. Mailman, you would have to ask Mojang for this, EMC can't make that kind of plugin, and if she wanted to play, she would still need to have an account (if this was implemented). Rabies wasn't judging you, he was trying to figurew out what you mean.
  13. I'm sorry but if you post suggestions can you please use better spelling? I had a very hard time understanding.
  14. I'm not sure how they'd have splitscreen on a PC game without Joystick support. Minecraft only uses Mouse/Keyboard. I regret to inform you that couldn't happen.
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  15. Rabies. Don't even try to argue. The way he writes is illiterate.

    Anyways, this idea is implemented into the XBOX version because an XBOX supports multiple controllers. Computer keyboards are only singleplayer because the controls are optimized for Online Multiplayer not local.

    This could only happen if you plug two XBOX controllers into the PC and by then you might as well buy the xbox or spend an extra 20 bucks for MC.

    Sorry to say that the idea is bad but it is just my opinion.

  16. I got half way through and just stopped. Empire cannot make this, as it is impossible.

    You'd have to use 2 keyboards/mice, and I don't think the computer has a way of differentiating between the two.

    If you used one account, if you pressed 'w' and she pressed 's' at the same time, you wouldn't go anywhere.

    Sorry, this is impossible in every way. Empire Minecraft doesn't support cracked versions of Minecraft, so your sister would have to buy her own version of Minecraft.
  17. Taking a little more time to think out, and post might help you in this case. As mentioned above, EMC doesn't do client side plug-ins.

    Not to be rude but this post was very hard to understand and even just to read. A little effort can go a long way.
  18. This isn't even the appropriate spot to make such a post. Even if EMC were to make a plugin that could allow mailman's specifications to work, it still wouldn't work, because you can't be playing with one account, on the same server, using 2 people, on the same screen. This is an idea to be brought up to Mojang, not EMC.
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