Minecraft realms advertising?

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  1. Earliery today I was asking anyone if they wanted to come play with me on my minecraft realm and someone said it was advertising so everyone I,ve asked has come back many minutes later on emc so is minecraft realms avertising? Because I just wana have a cool place me and my friends can play. So is this advertising?
  2. are you openly saying any IPs or anything like that?
  3. Not at all minecraft realms has no ip it is we're u invite people and basically a white list thing
  4. As long as you are following the Official Empire Guidelines, you should be good.
  5. This would be against the rules. Notice the rule about not advertising a private server. Avoid doing this in the future because although there is no ip, you area still advertising.
  6. You can only have 20 people whitelisted at any given time, and only 10 online at a time. Ain't no way in hell this is advertising lol. What are you going to do, take over EMC with what, 50 realms? LOL

    Anyway, I am pretty sure staff will tell you otherwise or view it otherwise, so I would probably try to avoid doing so. I was told not to sell a non-obtainable item which was given to me from a flipping command on the server from many staff members lol, everything is pretty tight 'round here.
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  7. I only have 1 realm btw so in a way it could be advertisinging but I said it with 2 staff on and they never said anything
  8. They are usually AFK.
  9. they wernt afk
  10. Well, they could improve their moderating next time I guess. It is not allowed.
  11. This topic is currently being discuss between staff. You guys will have answer shortly.
  12. Sure, I'll play realms with you. I've never been in a realm server, or know how to join one xD
  13. thank you
  14. XD I almost died of laughter.
  15. Ok, So the scoop is. Although there is no "IP" for realms. It is still against our no advertising rule; as we are considering it a "private server".

    Any further questions? Let us know.
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  16. So am I going to be banned?
  17. No, it is more; "for future reference"
  18. that does the mean?