Minecraft.net having issues 7-Apr-2012

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Sorry but Minecraft.net (the official Minecraft servers) is having problems. This is causing errors for people trying to join as well as lag in-game (because of all the login requests that stack up that MC is trying to process).

    Nothing we can do but ride it out :)
  2. Its fine for me.
  3. I was wondering why its so glitchy!
  4. It keeps saying Stream Ended
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  5. I hope this will come to a end soon or emc will have a bit of a bigger problem , mabye people are joining minecraft and is taking longer than expected to create them ?? I don't know if this is true but if anyone knows different please let me know
  6. I know this would end cross-server trade, but maybe we should make a rule that you can only go to a server you have a res on.
  7. Mine does the same then says either there are 2 people on or that it can't find the server. I think it's part of the problems JustinGuy is talking about.
  8. Alright.. I'll have to find something else to do... ermmmm... Single player.
    Good luck with that.
  9. ah.. this explains a lot...:rolleyes:
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  10. oh kk i was worried about my connection or something. Drat, this means i won't be able to collect my bonus today!!! ahh!
  11. WHew! Good, i thought my computer was acting up!
  12. I have good connection, but it is very laggy hope it gets fixed soon :3
  13. I blame Notch!
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  14. Teh stupid minecraft isn't loading!!!! I guess that's why!
  15. ugh! i mined a TON of glowstone and i cant pick it up!
  16. No wonder my diamond pick brokeā€¦ to much minding from lag MC owes me a silk touch pick!!!!!!
  17. Supporters get their bonus no matter what ;P
  18. yes very bad today, but in addition having a lot of problems with the walk key - steve keeps walking even after you let the key go very bad for fighting mobs and when around lava
  19. Yea ^ I jumped off a cliff in the nether, I lost 7 hearts!

    Justin you owe me food! I have already had to eat 16 melons in town!
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