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  1. Hello!
    I have been experiencing minecraft freezing.
    The problem is that when a skeleton or a marlix dies and when a ghast explosion happen, my screen freezes and I have to do Ctrl+ alt+ delete to shut minecraft down and restart. I know it's very specific and i'm not that good with computers. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have been living with this problem for 1-2 years now and for those who have been to wild with me or been to the nether with me and even mob arena might have notcied that i'm logging of and on, like always. I play on an asus laptop that is kind of expensive and is not laggy excpet for minecraft and sometimes league of legends. This computer runs windows 7. I'll be glad for ANY help!
  2. No clue, cant help you sorry
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  3. Thanks for your helpful insight. :p

    Have you tried uninstalling Minecraft?

    EDIT: Maybe it has to do with your video settings? Particles?
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  4. Tried both...:(
  5. Try installing optifine, (I'm assuming you haven't already.) it has a bunch of extra settings that can help improve the running performance of the game. It saves me currently because I don't think my laptop would run MC anymore otherwise ;)
  6. Thanks! Will try that. Will let you know if it works
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  8. If all else fails, get a new computer :)
  9. Not really... There should be a way of fixing it, and if not, then you fix what's broken - you don't replace it all >_>
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  10. There's no need for a new computer at all. Even my 9 year old computer with a terrible (even for that time) graphics card could run Minecraft decentlyish.

    Allocating more RAM to Minecraft is what fixed my massive stutters and freezes, it even made me need more RAM, but that's a different story, haha :p
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  11. Yeah my idea was maybe java crashing or something like that. Optifine or allocating more RAM should clear it up if that's the case.
  12. In most cases, that's true. If you have a dozen of pesky but seemingly unrelated issues it might be better to just start over.
    In this case, it's probably indeed a fixable problem.
  13. You shouldn't ever have to replace your whole PC unless it's outdated or if it burns or something... Factory reset though?That's always a possibility :)

    What I'm saying is that if anything ever goes wrong with my PC, I just replace it. E.g. I managed to burn one of my power supplies (made a bang and smoke came out...) so I simply bought a new one and replaced it. I also had an outdated graphics card and not a lot of RAM, so I simply bought new RAM cards and a new graphics card. No need to replace it all :D
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  14. I think if that's happening, you might be better off by first trying to reinstall Windows / whatever. Sometimes those installs can be REALLY screwed up :p I once had one, that for example wouldn't detect the USB ports and DVD player anymore. Reinstalling Windows / whatever should fix that in most cases. :)
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  15. Really, did you? :rolleyes:
    No one except FDNY should get this joke : P
    Lesson 1 in computers: don't buy cheap garbage power supplies, and never flick the red (or whatever) switch at the back :p
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  16. I remember talking to you about getting the new RAM and graphics card... :rolleyes: In the end I went pretty much for what I originally wanted anyway but the help was much appreciated and I got a much better understanding of it all from the likes of you, Haro and Patr1cV :D

    As for power supplies, it wasn't actually a garbage one, but I think it may have been used in a PC before mine... Either way, I have a much better one and a newer one running in there now! :p
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  17. Ok so I SUCK at computers, usually my dad helps me but he don't really know to fix games. Something about java comes up when it freezes. Could anyone tell me what I should try first of all of these suggestions?
    Alos thanks for so many replies:)
  18. This. :)
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  19. Thanks tom, but did not work though, next try?
  20. It loaded way faster but I still freeze...