Minecraft Build challenge - Win a Minecraft account!

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  1. Hello EMC, to celebrate my 650th Birthday here at Empire Minecraft I thought i'd do something very special, I thought I'd start a building competition for all EMC builders! :)

    1st prize: A Minecraft account with name choice.

    2nd prize: A Minecraft account called xephos952.

    3rd prize: 6000 rupees!
    NOTE: if it is a plot on EMC please put the plot no.

    Step 1: Build something, on Single Player [any gamemode] or on EMC! Mods are cheating!
    Step 2: Take 3 screenshots showing as much of the build as possible
    Step 3: Send the screen shot to me through this thread

    NOTES: 1 person has been caught for cheating and his build was not enterned - DON'T CHEAT!


    ENDS: 1st Sep 2013!

    Anything you need to know, just ask!

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  2. Didnt you post another thread about winning an account? :confused:
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  3. yes it was not allowed thoug beacuse it was 'advertising' but this one is allowed, I asked the admins!
  4. well that's pretty good!
  5. Whelp, time for me to just walk out of this thread with my head down...
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  6. Sweet I totally got th-

  7. I think we all know Eclipsys has this done...
  8. there is always second place
  9. True... But it would cost me 5000 rupees to build something good...
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  10. UPDATE: there are now 2 accounts available to win!
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  11. Can we use Creative SP? Since it is just a screenshot it wont matter that much...
  12. Yep... This confirms it... I'm out
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  13. UPDATE: 2 accounts available now, there's still hope for you!
  14. that's amazing... how did you do that!
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  15. Maybe there is hope for me *gasp*
  16. That was biscuit boy, not me
  17. I'll accept my account now...
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  18. Yes any Gamemode, the build on EMC bit is if you have a good res already