Minecraft 1.9. What do you think?

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  1. With 1.9 coming soon what do you all think about the new update and what is your favorite part of it.
    My favorite part by far so far for 1.9 is the frost walker enchantment and the new End City dungeons.
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  2. I like the new blocks and enchants, but they have completely ruined pvp with the second hand thing.
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  3. How has dual-wielding ruined PvP?
  4. Mending enchantment. Enough said. :D
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  5. I hate how they nerfed the clicking it sucks I'm quieting minecraft when 1.9 comes out
  6. *cough* spam clicking *cough*
  7. Oh I see. It did not seem that bad but I guess that can be annoying.
  8. pvp ruined? changed u mean. forgot that u can use bow in 2nd hand?

    come in with bow 2 hurt. now slash with sword 2 hurt. back up and get bow ready 4 more hurt. need more time? lingering potion or splash potion 2 get ppl off. then get more hurt in with sword or bow. in ur face! :mad:

    funny is that i hate bow in offhand, looks 2 stupid. but its awesome 4 pvp or pve.
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  9. too many numbers...
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  10. I see you guys never played competitive games, where nerfs occur constantly....
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  11. I've tried many times to help defend against all of this hate towards Minecraft 1.9 this year, but I haven't had any good luck defusing the haters. We can explain however much we want to about the situation, but we'll never be guaranteed to reverse the haters' point of view. It'll be either a hit or a miss.

    Dr., you appear to have a strong opinion towards the attack strength mechanic in 1.9. I will try once again to explain why this such combat change was done. This may or may not change your opinion around. None of us here in EMC will know your response until you release it.

    So, are you ready?


    Open the spoiler below then:

    Spam-clicking has been a long time complaint in the realm of PvP in Minecraft.

    In this interview from Docm, the topic of spam-clicking is brought up.
    *This is before Mojang's solution (the attack strength mechanic) was released in August's 1.9 snapshots.


    Now after watching Doc's interview, you might be wondering why does Dinnerbone and Mojang prefer their proposed combat change over spam-clicking? This might be offensive, but I think they want us to use our brains more. Timing your melee strikes is a more mentally-challenging task than rapidly pressing a single button. This is because spam-clicking is a more easily definable pattern by the brain. Our brains like to find and follow patterns because they're more energy-efficient (*Life Tip: because following patterns takes up less energy, they're more likely to be used when you're tired). The sequence to producing the repetitive behavior is drastically less complex. Also, engaging in challenges, like the combat changes in 1.9, is crucial to brain development. You can't become a better person, unless you face challenges. It's time to grow-up. It's your job to train your brain to not follow the spam-clicking pattern and switch to the timed-clicking pattern.

    Here's some potential motivation for the mental change:

    *Not spam-clicking will increase the lifespan of your computer mice.
    *Your patience will improve.
    *You'll be less entitled to want instant gratification.
    *The endurance of your hand and arm muscles will improve.
    *Overall, you'll be smarter.

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  12. So basically Dinnerbone wants Minecraft to not be to mindless and involve tactics... I like it....
  13. Two hands?
    Might be good for mining.
    Torches in left, pickaxe in right.
    That'll make me happy, don't know about the rest of you.
  14. If you ask me tactical fighting is a lot more fun than just spamming to attack. This update was called the "Combat update" for a reason, and that reason was to make combat a lot more constructive and tactical is what I believe.
  15. Okay, opinion time. As a person who only plays on PvP servers, I really dislike the new PvP mechanics, and so do the vast majority of real PvPers. I recently subscribed to many SG, PotPvP, and UHC YouTubers (what the majority of you would consider small YouTubers - under 50k subs) and the consensus seems to be that 1.9 is bad for PvP. Those people are serious about PvP.

    I have to defend the current PvP system. Many people consider it to be "spam-click" PvP. Those people are completely wrong. The current PvP system requires an insane amount of skill to be good at. You all dismiss this "spam-click" PvP as childish and too easy, but that is not the case. The recharging thing closes the skill gap for PvP in general. It puts everyone on a more even level.

    HermitCraft did a 1.9 UHC. I watched xBCrafted's perspectives until he died. The fight was not balanced at all, because the other team had bows. Now, that's a great advantage even in 1.8, but the fight was under a single tree. The other team with bows simply bow spammed the entire time, while the team without bows had to wait to swing. Bow spam won against swords at short range. That seems like a really big flaw to me.

    Here's a video of 1.9 PvP.

    Each fight was over four minutes long. In 1.7/8 this would be only 15 seconds.

    Mojang keeps removing skill aspects from PvP. Originally, it was sprinting, click speed, and accuracy. 1.7 got rid of sprinting with the dedicated sprint button, and 1.9 will get rid of click speed. Accuracy is the only thing you have to be good at to succeed in 1.9. Mojang consulted Mindcrack. They don't know PvP, and didn't take actual PvP into account at all when developing 1.9.

    What happened to the fishing rod? You can no longer hit players with it. I cannot understand how that is a good change. The rod is very important for getting combos on players, and that's a huge part of PvP. But getting combos is impossible in 1.9 anyway.

    Server is not recognizable from the video.

    Most actual PvP servers (I know of/play on K**i, B**lion, and MCSG) have not upgraded to 1.8. Those servers will likely not update to 1.9. The server I play on the most will have a 1.7/8 server and a 1.9 server. 1.9 and the new combat splits the community further than 1.8 did.
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  16. if clicking is Nerf I'm done with minecraft
  17. I do see both sides of the story from all of you and I do need to say one final thing. I do find that spam clicking was a interesting Nerf. I do need to agree that being good at PvP does actually require skill, but at the same time the amount of skill needed can be a bit much. The nerfing of the attack speed of the weapon makes everything more balanced in respects of this. This allows many newcomers to PvP to be at an equal level with other players. Yet you do need to remember that there are other items like potion tipped arrows, AoE potions and shields are coming to PvP too. And once you think about that is the new recharge system really that bad, all it is really doing is applying the way people actually use swords, in powerful timed and striking blows not just keeping on swinging and swinging and swinging.
    So after reading that what do you really think about the combat update?
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  18. Briefly stepping away from the PvP aspect of 1.9, I adore the new building blocks, chorus plants, end cities, dual wielding, elytra, and new sounds.:cool:

    I told Jeb that he topped his ocean monument from last year with the end city.
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  19. I LOVE the Elytra.

    Also, the new mechanics look like it will make 2:1 fights actually winnable for the 1.
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  20. EMC will need to make a lot of changes to the end vs vanilla to move forward with 1.9. As least I sure hope they do...
    • Nether like Coordinate Equivalent teleports to the end (at least for outposts). As a full server dropping into the end spawn and having to run out over 10k blocks to get to a city sounds horrible.
    • Craftable Moth wings, as cities will be looted faster than all the nether fortresses on smp4 were.
    • A waste end. I think our programmers are smart enough to do this now :)