Minecraft 1.1 is out - DO NOT UPDATE!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. when will we be updated?
  2. maybe i should have read this before updating :oops:
  3. how long will it take?? for the server to be updated?
  4. i am kinda starting to dislike bukkit, -_-
  5. They got me too :/ I really had to download the 1.0.0 jar...how can it be that NO ONE has uploaded it but a few? Am I such a bad googler? :(
    Anyway, here you go, for the ones who still didn't find it. :D
  6. I see this as a good thing. I like the idea of wool being a more common material.

    Yay, more rainbows and other pretty things to look at! :D

    And I actually don't see this change harming the wool market, just changing the process a bit. It'll be easier to get, thus sell for less, and as a result people will buy more... so nothing really changes in the end. :)
  7. I'm so glad that I got the message in time. I was about to install. Whew.
  8. yeah, effin updated THEN checked the server... >_> see yall in a few days then
  9. I had a question, Only my best friends have permission (I know them in real life) and they weren't even on today and someone sheared all of my sheep and they killed one of my mushroom cows and stole all of my iron in my iron tower. Is this a bug or is it a hacker/griefer?
  10. It is your "trustworthy" friend(s). Sorry, you must realize you can not trust people...
  11. WTF i am going to kill my brother and are me say i hate bukkit :mad:
  12. :( got this a little to late now i cant play on any server this blows!
  13. I did this ONCE when 1.0.0 came out... Never EVER hit the do you want to update button again before getting a feed that says NOW you can update.... lol
  14. I got one, shall I email it to you?

    Me too!
  15. Bukkit was very fast this time around and already has a (unstable) development version running. Hopefully we will be able to update this weekend!!!
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  16. ur wife is gonna hate u! lol
  17. Either I'm a complete idiot, or minecraft it, because I downgraded it, and it still won't let me go on because of some stupid thing making it erase the downgraded version.:(
  18. Ya i think that ppl should lower their prices on wool now bc it will be easier to get it if u have sheep
  19. Minecraft ( normal ) is on 1.1 and I have spoutcraft on 1.0.0 :) I can play 1.1 and 1.0.0 ;) get spoutcraft guys! look at shaunwhite1982's wall for link!
  20. lol nahhhh
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