Minecon 2015 Is Confirmed For London! :)

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by RainbowChin, Feb 2, 2015.

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  2. I'll think about it... It's in England, so it's possible, it's just whether I want to go and if I can get hold of tickets now :p
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  3. I'll try my best to get tickets yas
  4. I'll try my best to go, but might not be able to get hold of the money this month :/
  5. oh my god, i live in the usa it will be a slim chance i will be able to attend
  6. Considering how many Euro-gamers there are, this trip to London is long overdue.
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  7. Sounds pretty cool :)
  8. Well, good thing its in summer, I will have the time to actually attend something for once.
  9. Yass :p I don't live in London, but I'll try to find a way there :D
  10. Will someone explain minecon?
  11. It's like comicon, but it's just minecraft.

  12. What happens there?
  13. They play real life fire floor. :p
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  14. QA with youtubers, developers, etc. Also a costume contest (which krysyyjane9191 won last year) And plenty of other things.
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  15. She did? Cool!
  16. Its closer to home than ever for me - but its still 6-7 hours away via car for me. It all depends on my parents wanting to spend a weekend in London, blowing the money out on the tickets, and wanting to do a marathon of car-driving/or taking a train :p

    Since we also now have to move house by April, the ticket thing might be a major problem now :c
  17. YES! *Time to beg mom and dad to go to my 2nd Minecon*
  18. Why can't we actually have one in DC or the Baltimore convention center? That would be my best chance of going... :p
  19. woop its about 20 miles from my house defo going if i can get a ticket

    and the days off work
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  20. Will definitely be trying to get Tickets for this, but what to wear D: