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  1. It's not really Mojang's fault it's Microsoft's Mojang no longer owns Minecraft Microsoft does Bill Gates is a jerk in fact I know that he knows how to make computers virus proof but he chooses nor to because everything that you download off of Microsoft's website contains a very powerful virus that can kill your computer he does this so you buy another one so he can get more money I lost my old computer because of that he needs to be reported to the cyber security for that stuff my fear is that since Minecraft now belongs to them he will probably make it into a virus just for him to make more money.
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  2. Microsoft owns Mojang. Mojang owns Minecraft.
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  3. I'm afraid your theory is wrong. Bill Gates is actually Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. He doesn't try to get us to buy new computers, he wants us to switch over to Apple. Once Apple makes enough money, he'll build a machine to summon Pinkie, the minor god of toes. With the help of Pinkie, he will stomp all the organic coffee shops in Portland, Oregon, and use the threat of stomping the fro-yo places to take control of Portland and rename it to "Gatestopia". Only then will he reveal his true form: a guy from the 80s with 80s money that he doesn't know what to do with it, because it's 80s money.
  4. Too much Truth!! :eek::eek::eek:
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  5. #BillGates #Exposed
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  6. Really weird reply.
  7. And yes what I said is true.
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  8. Do you have any proof? Your computer was most likely caused by a virus not belonging to Microsoft.
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  9. Yes because the virus came when I downloaded the thing from their website.
  10. Why bump such an old thread just my thoughts... :/
  11. You're going places man, places XD
  12. Alright, guys. Let's not be rude to him for believing something that you may not believe.
  13. While I believe that one (maybe more?) of your computers have been victims to viruses, I think your sources of that virus are wrong. You may have gone to a spoofed website that appeared to be Microsoft's website, but was in fact a website that distributes harmful malware/programs/viruses.
  14. The virus does not have to come from any specific website to appear at any one time. Lots of viruses work like time bombs, in an attempt to conceal what program it comes from so you won't spread the word about it.

    Microsoft is an enourmous enterprise and it would not put itself on the line in this fashion, as if anyone found out they, MICROSOFT, would be forced out of broadness. business. Sorry, autocorrect got me... :p
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  15. For all the ego and doubt I just feel the need to remind you that things aren't always as they seem and there has been plenty of evidence to suggest business's do such things, especially software(mostly anti-malware software) enterprises. I also don't remember Bill gates being introduced with any benevolent rewards. As far as charity goes, most are a scam. Even so, I donated about 1% of my salary a couple years ago to a charity. It amounted to about five hundred dollars. Bill gates donating tens of millions of dollars doesn't even come close to 1% of his yearly income but is obviously much more money than I can hardly even fathom. Does his being rich make him benevolent? I think not. Also, Bill gates is really irrelevant to blaming a corporation. Especially in the US. Microsoft is it's own entity and run by LOTS of people. As far as giving someone a hard time for expressing their views, that shows on your character, not theirs.
  16. I don't think you have done your research. They (the Gates estate) have donated around $30 BILLION, or around 37% of their worth.

    Based off of the links you put on my profile comment, I would assume you are just part of the group that hates on the rich just because of ideological reasons but not evidence. For those who are interested in those links...

    If we are going to debate with meaningless and baseless assumptions, I take your links and raise you this hell:

    But really, the Gates have done countless good things for the world. One of them happens to be building a class of people up, rather than constantly trying to pull a class of people down.
  17. 2.65 billion to combat disease, next year ebola and the red cross occupying africa XD worship who you will.

    Cnet is as credible as infowars is as credible as mainstream media is as credible as TV is as credible as money. Nope, not a fan of the rich, never met one worth meeting a second time. I don't hate the rich however, have just never met anyone that was rich that was worth my time.

    as far as the silly claim that he donated 37% of his wealth by cnet, how then is he even more rich in 2014 than in 2013, that just doesnt make a whole lot of sense, especially with the whole global financial crisis and all?

    I will do the math for you. That comes out to 33% of his wealth as of mid 2011. I can only assume it has gone up since then. Please use facts and/or justifiable reasoning.

    But this is beyond off topic now. The other poster was misinformed and very little fun was poked, but with help along the way. You are just attempting to spread your hate of individual you deem greedy (hypocrite much?) out of a false sense of enlightenment. Take your agenda somewhere else (preferably off of EMC), it is not welcome here.