Microsoft Buying Mojang?

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  1. No. I quit. Microsoft will ruin Minecraft.
  2. Oh. My. God. No.
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  3. I have seen other blogs/threads etc about this too, looks like it may be a thing. With the way things are going for Mojang, I can actually see them accepting Microsoft's massive offer too... I am not sure what Microsoft would change here either, it could either go well and smoothly or, well, badly. Or, Mojang could decline the offer and stay as it is but these articles seem to mention that the deals are "near complete" or "could be signed within the week", so we will definitely be seeing a lot more about this in the next few days I would think!
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  4. No mojang! Don't do it!
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  5. I hope not -U-
  6. I don't really believe it, since there has been stuff like this in the past for other companies ect that never are proven true.

    Though if this does happen I expect stuff like:

    "NEW DLC coming Christmas! New features include:

    NEW ORES!!!!, ABILITY TO PLAY AS MOBS!!!!!!, EXCLUSIVE ENCHANTMENTS!!!!!* Faster gameplay with no lag!!!** Custom Hats! (because we really think that copying Valves business ideas might help us make more money) For the first time ever the ability to play x-box one games* while in minecraft!*** Also the ability to play NETFLIX while playing minecraft!

    And for the first time ever! Voice commands in minecraft!!!!****

    * Exclusively available on x-box one only!
    ** Depending on local internet speeds and system requirements

    *** Ability to craft x-box one console in game sold separately
    **** Voice commands still in beta, only default 5 voice commands available at release subject to quantities available at time of release. More voice commands sold separately.

    And sneak peek at a new DLC coming in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *shows a video of Masterchief in Minecraft fully 3D and shooting creepers and such while simultaneously asking why the heck hes being shoved into a different game*

    Only available on x-box one consoles, cause screw you everyone who doesn't own one!

    So yeah not interested. :p
  7. After seeing how Windows 8 turned out, I'm afraid to see what Microsoft would do to Minecraft.
  8. Well, hey now, they aren't EA lol
  9. I like Windows 8... I was skeptical at first but I see nothing but improvements.
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  10. It's against Minecraft's EULA to add DLC.
  11. New ownership could easily decide to change it.
  12. That's really unfortunate. I hope Microsoft would keep Mojang in charge of Minecraft, for the most part.
  13. If they do it properly with good care for the community (<---lol!) they would keep the same staff/devs as we see now, with hopefully the same goals.
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  14. If Microsoft does gets it's hands on Minecraft, maybe we would get a next gen version that could blow away the Java version. Although that would be probably be bad for the independent server community like ours. Plus the Java version has been a great way for people to learn how to code.
  15. Oh come on!

    Look what they did to Banjo-Kazooie and Rareware!
  16. Microsoft ruined a good Gaming Company
  17. if Microsoft buy anything that's a hit oh no......

    #Fix Rareware
  18. I like Microsoft and Mojang. No matter what happens, I'm sure Minecraft will still be the coolest game evahhh!! :D (besides pokemon)