[MEMORIAL SERVICE] September 11th Attacks

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  1. Dear Empire Community.
    Today, 13 years ago, we lost nearly 3,000 people to the four coordinated terrorist attacks in the USA. Regardless of why it happened or your conspiracy beliefs, I ask that you put that all aside and remember the innocent victims that were lost to us on that day.

    Please join me at 8 pm EMC time to honor the fallen at a small memorial service I will be holding.

    Location /v memorialservice on smp4.

    For more information about the attacks, please see: http://www.history.com/topics/9-11-attacks

    I will expect respect at this ceremony. Any and all showing of disrespect will earn you a tempban for the duration of the ceremony. There is a time to be funny and troll or make jokes. THIS IS NOT THAT TIME!
    No, I will not be dropping any items. This is not to celebrate anything. This is to remember something very recent that shaped the world's history.
  2. Where were you when it happened?
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  3. I'll be there, even though I'm Danish I would like to show my understanding and respect.
  4. 5th grade classroom. We were in the portables. My teacher was Ms. Wichorske. No idea what were were talking about though.
    She refused to listen when they said to not turn on the tv over the loud speaker. We watched the news for about 3 hours straight.
  5. I wish I could go, but I'll be at school during that.
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  6. I was only two when it happened, so I don't remember it. But my mom told me that at the time we were driving up to Seattle to see her friend. We heard nothing about the attack until we got there and heard her crying.
    I'm might be able to make to make it, but I have a sectional for band til 7:30.
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  7. Dang, I would absolutely love to go, however I have school and then I am going on holiday.
    Even thought I'm from NZ I love showing respect for these types of things
    Last year when I went around the states I did in fact visit the memorial, who else has?
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  8. I was in the Army in the UK at the time and even for us over here it was a very bad day indeed. All 2996 people will never, ever be forgotten, RIP x
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  9. I was at work. I remember a few of the women I worked with were listening to the radio when I arrived. It only took a few moments of my unconscious mind to hone in on what I was hearing and started to pay more attention. After I realized what was happening, I literally said to my co-workers "Is this a joke?" It was very surreal and I was confused. It wasn't much longer we were told if we wanted to go home we could. I did, and turned on the television immediately. Never will I forget the footage. I needn't say more other than what krysyyjane9191 has already mentioned, innocent victims lost their lives....and it is tragic.
  10. I was just a youngster, 4 I think and I remember seeing it on tv and my dad (who I lived with at the time) flipped out hardcore and I got scared :(
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  11. I completely agree with remembering the innocent who have died. But lets also not forget those who died fighting against terrorism.
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  12. We may hold a separate ceremony for that at a later time/date, but this ceremony is not to be targeted towards war effort numbers. It is specific to the September 11th attacks.
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  13. Krysyy, will you be giving out yer Head at this event?
  14. I will definately be there, do you already know where the ceremony will take place?
  15. She said she won't be giving anything out, it will be a memorial service.
  16. Are you serious?
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  17. I also said I was asking krysyy
  18. well, she already said she wasn't...
  19. Come on guys, lets be nice and stay on topic :)