Marlix killed in full iron. Its possible.

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  1. Yet again caving, marlix spawns. Nickblockmaster wasn't here so i chugged a zombie virus and started hitiin it with my sharp 3 sword and full iron amour good battle for about 30 mins until it got stuck in a tree (noob) so I hitting it and didn't stop till it died and drop the marlix bow 0_0. So too all you iron blokes, its possible to kill a marlix in full iron (unenchanted)

  2. You slapped it with a sword...? No stabbing, slashing maybe.... but slapping?
  3. Didn't really see a problem with it. Half the time i hit it with the iron pick axe. But anyway changed it :)
  4. No it's fine, I just thought about slapping with a sword and started laughing.
  5. Kinda the point :)
  6. feels good to see some other people having as easy a time as me with the minibosses
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  7. Jeez, I tried fighting Momentus and I died like 20 times and lost my god armour :I
  8. I'm not planing on fighting a momentus any time soon.
  9. they are easy if you have a god sword and use the right potions and enchanted apples :)
  10. I would love to take part in this thread but I only found 1 Boss Mob which was a Momentus
  11. When I first found a Marlix... It was quiet a story.

    Me and my friend were skyping. I had heard that the new bosses had come out but mever saw one, it was the first day they came out. I was setting up camp in the dessert near a village for some reason.
    I remember walking a bit far into the woods outside the sand and walking around.
    I heard some arrows and I screemed.
    A marlix was flying around me like nuts. Me and my friend hid in a villager house while we had a plan.
    We ended up killing it and got 20 diamonds and marlix boots!
  12. Found Marlix... we hid in a lake and shot him when he was right above us until he died. Only had iron armor, though, and I had to kill his Earthbound minions with a sword...
    Found Momentus... There was a bug and I was able to snipe him 'til he died. XD I kind of want to try again legitimately, though, now that the bug is fixed...
  13. i know most of you probly dont play with sounds on, but when a boss spawns near you he makes the scariest sound ever!
  14. Too right haha, I was mining when I found my first, I thought he was down there with me lol
  15. i was listening to music about 10 minutes before so i had my sound pretty loud and was in an afk pool. suddenly BOOOM SHHHHHHHH as im downstairs making hotpockets. run back up and trip over my dogs
  16. Well I faced 2 momentus with a stick a few days ago...
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  17. Lol, was it a momuntus or marlix?
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  19. I fought Momentus with no armor. With a good ranged weapon (bow) it can be done! ;)