/Map hide, /Map show for Non-Supporters?

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Should Non-Supporters have the commands /Map hide and /Map show?

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Yes. Griefers don't need that advantage 17 vote(s) 37.8%
No. Only for supporters. 29 vote(s) 64.4%
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  1. Recently i was griefed. My Non-Supporter freind who did not have map hide was tracked by a griefer who was using the live map to his advantage. I see this as strange since EMC has such a high reputation for being anti-grief. Letting Non-Supporter use the commands /Map hide and /Map show will drop the amount of griefing alot. If EMC is so anti-grief why are we letting the griefers have the upper hand?
  2. Because the only reason I bought iron was for map hide. So they'd lose quite a large amount of revenue.
  3. Simple. Besides being anti-grief EMC has to be a server that actually works too. The /map hide command is a perk for supporters so that they pay and that money goes towards running the servers. There are so many people that buy the Iron rank just to have the /map hide perk. Without them the servers wouldn't be able to run as smoothly as they do.
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  4. Does that mean everyone who can't afford to buy membership or don't have a credit or debit card should be griefed?
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  5. The money goes towards running the servers, so /map hide is a good reason to buy supporter. I bought for a reserved slot and /map hide, and I upgraded to gold a few days ago for an extra residence and more rupees.
    I pay for the Empire to run and support it, which is also why I wanted to be a supporter.
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  6. Reserved slot? Hmm... Last time I had to use that.... February maybe?
  7. Rebuild rebuild and try to catch the griefer that's what we do at LLO :D
  8. Lol, I ment for February. Didn't make it very clear. Me & my friend could never log on, so we upgraded.
  9. No. It really isn't that hard to stay grief-free. I've gone on countless of mining missions alone without the /map hide command and have never been griefed. You just have to be more careful.
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  10. Maybe it could be a "bought" perk, as a one- time or yearly fee of like 20$ for access to /map show and /map hide.
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  11. The point is that griefers can track players and their bases. give me five minets and i could find about 10 good bases with the live map
  12. Rebuild Spawners. Rebuild items losts. Rebuild Hundreds of hours wasted.
  13. You can twist the meaning of what people are saying all you want. If we were to look at it from your view, you are basically saying that EMC doesnt care about the non-supporters. Which is wrong. Why were you griefed? Two simple reasons!
    1) You built too close
    2) You let the griefer come to your camp by letting a non-supporter use it.
    So who's fault is it? Yours. Also, if you really want /map hide for your friend, make your account and his account iron. If you spend so much time in the wild, that this has severely impacted you, you shouldnt need to extra res in town:)
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  14. So.. what? If we don't want to be griefed, we must pay? If this is truly and Anti-Grief server, then shouldn't as many measures as possible be taken to prevent the actual griefing from happening? A griefer tracked me down using live map, dug into my base, broke the spawn cage and the ender chest and stole diamonds, brewing supplies as well as other valuable items. My base was well hidden, the entrance located in a small clearing under a pile of dirt in the middle of a group of mountains that, but by using the live map he could make sure that he is directly on top of me and merely dig down. Is this truly an Anti-Grief server, if they are giving an advantage to the griefers? It would take longer for me to be griefed if I went to a server that griefing was allowed in that didn't have a map.
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  15. No. Its simple. Use your head, go as far away from spawn as you can. Thats not just a 4 minute walk, thats 2+ hour walk.
    Nope. We could put a huge amount of plugins and special codes in to protect, and the server would lag to hell.
    Lock your chests. Who's fault is it that you got griefed? Yours. You probably made it too easy for them. Dont try to blame EMC for something you caused.
    Where does it say that they give griefers the advantage? No where. Did they grief you while you were there? If yes, you should have taken screenshots, and they would be banned. If no, how do you even know they tracked you? You dont. You are just attempting to point the blame at someone else. Does it suck to be griefed? Duh! But its completely your fault.
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  16. Its happens , I have lost numerous spawners but its my fault making obvious I had one. As for items lost meh can just them back over time and wasted hours just gives second chance to make your palace better. These kind of things happen in the wild just have to keep positive
  17. that would just make it worse.
  18. It's your fault if you are griefed. You need to give yourself a good 40 minute or over walk away from spawn, at an outpost. Or go to the very edge of the pre-generated circle. Lock your chests. Don't build above ground if you're that worried.

    You won't get griefed. I have a wild camp on smp5, and it's on the edge of the pre-generated circle at an outpost. We have never been griefed.
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  19. No, because then Iron supporter would have even less than it does now.
    You were clearly never hear for when;
    And if the owners of said bases have done properly, they will be at least 10,20k blocks out,
    and griefers will not bother for that distance.
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  20. 2hr+ walk? You're joking, right? And this is not a poll about stopping griefing, just preventing them from having the competely unfair advantage of the live map. I did take screenshots. He was there when I was there.
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