Calling All Dragon Egg Owners!

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  1. First things first Maxarias is creating a special promotional video for EMC. We're holding a contest for you to be a part of this video in the form of a voice-over. This is a part to be a part of EMC history! Here are instructions per her request:

    The voice contest is over - The winner is Margaritte!

    Next, we are getting very close to Aikar's very first (and EXCITING) EMC update as an EMC developer. We are not only bringing excitement to the long drawn out dragon fights in a very special way, we're allowing more people to be able to obtain dragon eggs. While we don't have specifics yet on the uses, we can say that there will be quite a few reasons to want to own a dragon egg in the near future. Of course, this brings a little sadness to those who see the current eggs as 'ultra rare emc items' but you have to understand the only reason this happened was because of how broken the end/dragon/egg was for multiplayer servers. That being said, we are giving a very special offer to those who currently own an EMC dragon egg.

    We have setup a buyback shop on SMP1 in the corner of the /spawn residence. If you're the current holder of a dragon egg, please report to this area (if you choose) and sell your egg to EmpireMinecraft for 1 rupee. When we're ready to launch our new feature (it's looking like it will be about a week from now-ish) you will be rewarded with 20 replacement dragon eggs in return. Of course this is completely up to you, but the offer will end on the day of launch, so make sure you decide by then, there's literally no reason to not take advantage of this.
  2. So, the ender dragon will respawn like monthly?
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  3. I could had gotten 20 dragon eggs for 1dragon egg!?



    [Edit] This is where Phoc' dragon egg will be handy :)
  4. Well, soon the /town spawn will be egged.... By Enderdragons!
  5. Cool!
    EDIT: My friend wants to buy a dragon egg and give it away for free. Lol
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  6. I thought the OP Dragon Eggs were going to have some type of power.
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  7. Lol, everyone must be getting on for a look at the chest.
    Because there is apparently 66 people on SMP1 at the moment.

  8. ....
    .... so - pretty much you guys are taking one dragon egg - using the pick block, and are going to sell them in /shop ?
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  9. so if all 4 dragon egg owners do this
    there will be 80 dragon eggs in emc?
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  10. Well, I was only joking, but...

    2012-08-26_03.01.53.png 2012-08-26_03.02.27.png 2012-08-26_03.04.59.png 2012-08-26_03.06.04.png
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  13. Best Party EVER!!!
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  14. if every one sells it 200 dragon eggs isnt that too much
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  15. i wish i could get one :(
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  16. /shop has a dragon egg?
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  18. For voice of "Just when you thought you were safe"
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