[MALL] Yixomua's Mega Mall

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  1. Mall Jobs: Mega Mall Jobs

    Layout... Done
    Item Planning... Done
    Exterior Designing... Done
    Gathering Building Materials... Done
    Building... Done
    Elevator... Done
    Shops... Done
    Initial Stocking... In Progress
    Setting TPs, Tags, and Permissions... In Progress
    Open... Not yet.

    Teleport: /v +Yix Mall or /v Yixomua-3 or /v 14674

    For a list of items: CATALOG
    If you think something should be added, there is a mistake, or a quantity or price should be changed, please do tell me. Some items, including custom items, are sold on an as-available basis.

    You can request a bulk quantity of an item through a PM. Note that there are no guarantees that your order will be fulfilled since I will be getting it myself. A discount can be negotiated.

    Quick Shops
    Need some common items fast? You can find a teleport next to the board.

    Bulk Sales
    Sometimes, there may be items which there is an excess of. These items are sold at marked down prices on the ground floor.

    Player Shops
    If you would like to set up your own shop, feel free talk to me in-game. I will give you your own area to build in. I can also create a teleport to your shop.

    Other Information
    If you would like your head displayed or want to donate to the mall, there is a TP in the lobby to the roof. I will also craft items for you free of charge (for example, converting stone to stone brick).

    NOTE: A bunch of items have been removed from the mall catalog. If something is missing that you think should be re-added, PM me. Remember you can also suggest quantity/price changes.
  2. If you guys are wondering why the mall is taking so long:
    • Initial plans were scrapped
    • Designer took a few months
    • Planning the items, still in progress
    • Gathering materials to build the mall (there's a list of materials in the OP)
  3. Made a simple graphic for the mall - sneak peek to what the mall will look like. ;)
  4. Building has begun! :D
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  5. The main building has been finished (apart from the interior). Yes, it has taken a long time.
    The next step is the planning which was previously halted in the absence of my planner.

    OP has been updated!

    EDIT: I am going ahead with planning without my planner.
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  6. Looks awesome Yix! Good luck
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  7. Looks like a great mall. Nice building. :)
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  8. Thanks. Jelle68 actually designed it, I just painstakingly built out the schematic. :p
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  9. Working on some support for mobile devices.
  10. Mall catalog is done (everything except spawn eggs). I'm starting to work on the interior of the mall - lighting, carpet, shops, and whatnot.
  11. I will start putting the shops once I decide how the shops will look.
  12. Updated catalog. A lot of prices have been lowered. There's more colors in the ore section. You can no longer sell ore.
  13. Some spawn eggs have been added back to the catalog.
  14. An elevator has been added in the mall (for those of you using Giselbaer's EMC Shop Locator mod or those of you who just like elevators).
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  15. There is a now a box for player heads on the roof ("Head Room") if you want your head to be displayed.
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  16. The enchant books and brewing level has (or had already for a good bit) been put in. The potions are stocked, but enchant books are not yet and won't be for a while.
  17. For all of you waiting for the mall to open, I'm setting up farms first. Like a ton of massive farms. Most of the farms will be public, and most the crops in the mall will be free (excluding wood and some crops like cocoa beans and chorus fruit).
  18. Alright, I've started to put in the shops. The ore section is in, though not stocked yet.
  19. Hey I am out of trap chest can you help me get some
  20. The natural blocks section is in and stocked. Not all the chests are filled, but each block has at least some stock.