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  1. Drawing Needed for the New Recycling Center Complex to be opened on Utopia.

    I would like to have a still graphic art for the main thread for the Complex on the forums. Submit your ideas here or to me in a pm - whatever you like. If I use your picture, I will pay you a commission; If I like your submission, I may pay you a commission; Depending on the number/quality of entries, I may pay you a commission :cool: (rupees only, no irl moneys)

    The guidelines:
    I will be using the artwork on the forums here on EMC (your design will need to comply with emc :aikar: rules).
    It will be public.
    You will receive artist's credit.
    Deadline for submissions: May 15 at noon emc time
    You may submit more than one graphic. o.(o)
    If I choose to allow public input/voting on the submissions, I will have final say and/or tiebreaking.

    minecraft. recycling of items/blocks. emc. free services for others. minecraft.
    (pick something from there)

    The DirtDepot is already open in the corner of the res.
    There will also be a Weapons/Tools corner. (not named yet).
    Villager Trading corner is open as well.
    and ..... something more coming soon (as soon as i think of it)
  2. Might want to take a look at this ;)
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  3. I have not looked at what the link is to, but I am convinced that I know. :D
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  4. Alright, since my thread has been linked to this one I will give it a shot.

    Just starting simple, not really art, but maybe a good marketing campaign. ;)

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  5. Still not certain what would qualify as "art" so I recycled some actual art into a minecraft piece. ... Did anyone see what i did there? recycled? I'm funny. :p
    (I really hope at least 1 person recognizes the original art piece)

  6. Would love to see a couple more people try their hand at some art
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