Magic The Gathering!

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  1. Was curious as to whether anyone else on the empire plays MTG (I'm sure some of you do :p) And if you do, what kind of deck do you play with and what is your most OP Card? ^_^
  2. i did, 1 year ago, but i got bored of it, didn't know how to make good decks
  3. Aww, I got my first deck as a present from my friends and since then I've been hooked! In all honesty, to make a good deck you just need to play with it a lot, try and remove your weaknesses and just tweak it every now and then :)
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  4. Good gosh, I had a load of em back in the day just after they first came out. (whatever was after the alpha and beta if memory serves correctly)... so I would guess from back in like 1994-1996. They still around? I vaguely remember some purple element coming out or something before I just lost all interest in it.
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  5. I do werewolves for da wiiiin! !!!
  6. If you still have those cards collecting dust they could be worth some serious $$$$
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  7. Yeah they're still around! M15 was released a couple of weeks ago here :)
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  8. I have the 2013 toolbox, only played a couple times with friends and that's it...
  9. I remember the Jesters cap. Then some dragon ones too.
    Don't know how or why I remember those.
    I'm sure they are all in a box somewhere.

    For fun I took a quick look around for what the expansion sets look like.
    These are the ones I remember. (I think, boy that's 20 years ago!)
    "Unlimited Edition", 1993 "Arabian Nights", 1993 "Antiquities", 1994 "Revised Edition", 1994 "Legends", 1994 "The Dark", 1994 "Fallen Empires", 1994 "Fourth Edition", 1995 "Ice Age", 1995 "Chronicles", 1995 "Homelands", 1995
  10. To be honest, I'm not familiar with many of the older cards, although I can definitely say that Dragons are awesome :3
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  11. LMFAO
    well I play Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and might play MTG, idk whether it could be good or bad for my youtube channel ,-, but cards are worth more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in MTG :p
    I know how to play, but never ACTUALLY played before though.
    I remember when my mom found a forest card for MTG. Me and my brother didn't really care about it, we just liked it because of the sleeve xD
    Now that sleeve is really bad and cloudy and we lost the MTG card ;-;
  12. I pay some times I uses a lot of hydras :)
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  14. i love magic XD i play any deck make although my blueblack zombie and my white token/health wheremy fav untill they where stolen
  15. Nice! I bought a M15 green white deck and then switched in/switched out some of the cards that aren't too useful; it's all about gaining health and making a lot of tokens to then tap to help cast big creatures ^_^ And awww, I'm sad to hear they were stolen ;_; I feel your pain
  16. Could somebody explain what magic the gathering is? :3
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  17. Magic The Gathering is a trading card game in which different players (Or planeswalkers as they are sometimes referred to) battle each other to see who is stronger. Each player has a deck of approximately 60 cards, and starts off with 20 health :p You need to play mana cards in order to play other cards such as instants, creatures or sorceries, and can only play one mana card per turn. To play different cards you must "tap for mana", and different cards have different mana costs :) A weak card will cost one/two mana and more OP/stronger cards cost a lot more :p To kill the other player you must attack or "swing" at them, usually with creatures. They can either block the attack onto their creatures or have to take the damage :p

    That's pretty much the basics of it, it's a lot easier to explain when you can show someone ^_^
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  18. OMG i use to play that in highschool.
    Had like 5000+ cards
    played the mirrodin set.
    I specialised in a artefact deck. if i didnt get 2 Island I was a gonna but if i did i could kill very fast.
  19. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited.... if memory services me correctly. After that it was 4th Edition, Antiquities, etc

    I also played way back then. Sold all my cards on ebay and made a nice chunk of change.

    My best OP back then was the Black Lotus I think. I also had that OP dragon card, can't recall the name of it though.