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  1. A new video was uploaded yesterday!
    I figured to wait a little before posting it here to give my YouTube subscribers more chance to be the first to answer the CP question... nobody has answered it yet, though, so do your thing! :p

    "Hey! I created another song in Quartet on Atari ST!
    I realised I had never ever composed something using the 3/4 time signature... so I went to do just that!
    When I created a basic melody, it quickly turned out that this was going to be a dark tune... and I love it! It's intense, indeed!
    The graphic was, again, created in DEGAS Elite. That's a very nice piece of software too!
    The question for this time might be a bit evil, too... I'm asking you, for a whole 9 CP: how many times is the hi-hat heard in this song?
    Better get on counting! ;)
    Be the first to answer the question correctly! (I tried it myself, it's definitely doable without guessing if you pay attention! (but of course that's easy to say for me, as I composed the song myself :p))"

  2. "My previous two compositions were composed in Quartet on Atari ST. I really enjoyed using the program and might use it again in the future, but I was also looking for a tracker, where I could have more freedom manipulating the sound-chip instead of only being able to play samples!
    I learnt about MaxYMiser, an amazing Atari ST tracker made by gwEm. It's free, and still being kept up to date! The creator even helped me through e-mail whenever I was having problems.
    I'd encourage everyone interested in the ST sound-chip or even chiptunes at all to check it out!
    I composed this theme on an emulator, because I was having some problems on my actual machine, probably because of outdated hardware. When I had finished the theme, though, I put it on the Atari and recorded it from there! Emulation can be very good, but I still prefer the sound from the actual machine. Perhaps it's in my head. ;)
    The graphic was, as always, made in DEGAS Elite.
    This theme, Expanding Possibilities, was the first real try I had at creating something using MaxYMiser. And I got to say, I'm happy with how it turned out!
    All instruments were made by me, the drum samples are from this pack.
    In this video, I let the music loop twice, then fade out.
    If you'd like to download the file for listening on your own Atari or emulator, you can do so here:
    You can include the file in personal or public archives when mentioning me as the composer, but please don't use it in anything else without asking me first.

    For the CP question, you'll probably have to do a bit of research: in this description I've talked about "the Atari ST sound-chip". What is the formal name of this chip? Be the first to correctly answer the question to earn 7 CP. ("

  3. "Hey!
    This is my new tune, I hope you like it!
    As my first MaxYMiser tune was in minor, I wanted to create a nice upbeat happy tune next. And I like how it turned out!
    I chose to do the YM tracks first and save bothering with the drums for later, as I had been having some problems with using samples. Composing the tracks went quite well, sometimes I thought it was not interesting enough but then I would get a new idea to make it sound more fun. The song only uses three different instruments, but I think they do the job rather well, especially in combination with the versatile commands MaxYMiser has to offer.
    While fiddling with the samples I noticed I was having some problems with the frequency; I actually had the same problems while making Expanding Possibilities but then I just rolled with it. However, now I really couldn't get it to sound good so I set on a quest to figure out how to fix it. My conclusion has been changing the rate of samples to double or a bit more than double the frequency in Audacity.
    After figuring that out I actually had quite some fun adding drums and I think it went well.
    Eventually, I figured I was happy (hah) with the tune as it was and I went to DEGAS Elite to draw a nice graphic for it. I also found a copy of the manual online and found out about some really cool features I hadn't figured out before.

    You can download the .SND file here to play on your own STE or emulator:

    For this video, you'll get 8 CP if you post a comment and include the three ASCII smileys used in the graphics. The smileys in the graphics have been turned 90 or 270 degrees and I altered some of them slightly, but I'm sure you'll recognise them.
    This goes for as long as this description says it does, so don't worry about not being the first to post a comment! Of course, only one per person counts, though."

  4. "Yay! I'm really happy with this tune!
    It was actually made for school... for the subject Religion... :p We've got quite an interesting and cool teacher, and for our last assignment she made us do whatever we wanted, pretty much!
    And I thought it'd be great to use that opportunity to compose another Atari ST chiptune.
    Before I started creating instruments and playing around with base lines and melodies, I watched some of the tutorials from the maker of MaxYMiser. His channel is preromanbritain, if you're using this tracker yourself, I'd advise you to check out the tutorial series.
    It took me about 6 hours making this tune altogether, excluding the time watching the tutorials took. That's quite some time, but I think it was well spent!
    As I really, really enjoy this tune. And not only because I made it myself! ^.^
    I recorded this from an emulator, as when I recorded from the actual hardware using Line-In there was too much peaking and the audio got distorted. If you would like to hear the tune on actual hardware, though, you can download the .SND here:
    For earning CP for this video, there's something I haven't done before: everyone posting a meaningful comment (basically everything but spam or insults ;)) before January 8th, 2017 will receive 7 CP. :)"

  5. "Two months before the 18th birthday of Lanata, one of my best friends, I started work on what was going to be quite a big project: a video game in which she starred the main role. After over 65 hours of work, and quite some help from other people, I finished it just in time, and we had a lot of fun playing the end result.
    The game itself will only be shared with people I know personally. However, part of the game is also a new soundtrack, composed in MaxYMiser. And that soundtrack I _will_ share publicly, accompanied by game footage.
    This is the first theme, which you'll hear when you start up the game: Dawn of a New Endeavour. I actually composed it second, but that doesn't matter. This plays at the title screen, and flows over onto the Info and Keys screens, that aren't shown in the video.
    I'm quite happy with how this tune turned out, it sounds really peaceful and happy to me. For the percussion, besides the hi-hat, I used two self-recorded clap sounds, which are also used as sound effects during gameplay. This makes the theme sound more playful, to me.
    I had to record this tune using JAM, as the audio emulated by Steem SSE and Hatari had a weird popping sound in the B4 of the lead instrument, for some reason. Fortunately that didn't happen in JAM, so I could succesfully record the theme there. If you'd like to download the player yourself, you can do so from this page.

    The question might be a tricky one, and I'm not sure if the internet will help you all too much with this one. Be the first to answer the following question to earn 7 CP ( In what city was the photograph you see at the title screen here taken?
    Haiko can't answer, as he's got the full game. ;)

    You can find a download to the file here:"
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  6. "The main theme for the video game I made for Lanata's 18th birthday! :D
    The title, Journey of the Woolly, is an English translation of the title of the game: Iter Lanatae. Lanata is the alias I've given Lanata, so I don't have to use her real name if I'd rather not. Why? Because her hair is woolly! :D (as you might be able to notice in the video!)

    This was the first tune I made for the game. Whilst creating it, I felt quite self-conscious, and wasn't completely happy with what I was coming up with. However, I took an inspirational stroll now and then, and kept going. When I started adding the drums, I really began to get a feel for the theme, and enjoyed it more and more! I think I was able to do quite well on the drums too, for someone who can't even really play them!

    The biggest part of the theme plays once, and then repeats. However, it doesn't just loop: the second time, when it gets to the end, the music continues in a different way, to indicate you running out of time. Then, when the music ends, your game ends too. I was able to work it out rather nicely. :)

    As I said, while creating this tune I didn't always feel too happy with how it was shaping up, but after it was done, I actually really liked it. And I still do! There's definitely a lot of though that went into it.

    I hope you enjoy it too! :)

    The video shows gameplay from the game. I'm playing on the Hard difficulty, which includes more and faster selfie stick sellers. I hoped that I would be able to record a video where it doesn't look like I'm loitering on purpose, but where I would still run out of time. As of course, if I would actually _beat_ the game, you wouldn't be able to hear the end of the theme.
    Oh, and believe me, while the video quality might not be great, the graphics in the actual game look perfectly clean and crisp!

    If you want to download this tune, you can do so at However, it might not actually sound optimal on the original hardware: for me it sounded better when emulated, for some reason.

    To earn 7 CP, be the first to answer the following question correctly: what is the highest amount of selfie stick sellers that are chasing Lanata at one time in this video? So that's only if they're actually following Lanata, and not moving along their regular paths!"
  7. I uploaded two themes from Iter Lanatae at once, as they're both very short. :)

    "Another theme from Iter Lanatae: this plays when you fail to catch all 10 of Lanata's classmates, or don't succeed in getting back to the shelter afterwards. I quite enjoyed creating this tune as well. :) I actually had to redo parts of it, as I accidentally overwrote this tune with 'You Did It!'. Luckily I still had the wave file, so I could replicate it quite easily.

    To earn 7 CP, comment on both _this_ video and 'You Did It!' ;) You can choose what to write yourself."

    "Another theme from Iter Lanatae: this plays when you've succeeded in catching all 10 of Lanata's classmates. This was a theme quick to create, but I still really enjoyed it. :)

    To earn 7 CP, comment on both _this_ video and 'Better Luck Next Time!' ;) You can choose what to write yourself."
  8. Two new videos, as I forgot to post the previous one:

    Both are quite experimental, please read the descriptions for more information. :)

  9. "The ending and credits theme for Iter Lanatae, the game I made for Lanata's 18th birthday!
    I had been looking forward to composing this theme for a long time, but I wanted to wait until the credits had been written, so I knew about how long the tune should be. And obviously, I couldn't write the credits until I was almost done with the game, as before then I didn't know who to credit yet.
    Eventually it became time for it, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I think I worked on this tune for three sessions before I got it where I wanted it. When I was almost done I realised that it was on the long side already, and I made an ending to it. I did have to slow the speed of the credits down a bit, but I think that's good, actually, as now you've got time to read everything, as opposed to what's usual in movie credits, where you can't possibly read all. :P
    I am really happy with how this tune turned out. Especially the section where it first switches to C# is amazingly fun, in my opinion. The reprise of the intro of the main theme "Journey of the Woolly" fits in very nicely too, I think. I'm also really fond of how the tune calls back on the beginning of the tune on the very end, with some more drums and a different ending.
    I really am quite proud of this one! :) I also spend quite some time on the instruments: this theme is _by far_ the one using the most different sounds so far. It is also the first theme of mine to incorporate tempo changes! It was quite challenging to work that out without it sounding off, but adding drums really helped there. On that subject, I think the drums were done nicely as well. :) I'm using the same samples as I used for the other tracks here, the ones that I collected for "Pursuing Freedom".
    I'm quite happy with the credits as they are now. As most of the game was created by myself, I added lots of extra information on things that helped make the game, and also some bits of text in some areas. And I'm quite proud of the heart I drew for the very end. ;)

    To earn 7 CP, be the first to answer the following question: in which two sections of the credits does my friend and (sometimes) fellow YouTuber Haiko appear? :)

    You can download the .SND files for my music at"

  10. "During the editing process I was often closer to despair then hope, but I pushed through!

    This is Bubbles of Hope and Despair, made in GarageBand. Last Tuesday I had a lot of time alone, and I decided to try my hand on minimal music another time. I wanted to make a longer piece, with lots of repetition and minimal alterations to rhythm and melody.
    I composed the piece from start to finish in one go, and was quite happy with the structure. Some of the glockenspiel melodies I wasn't quite sure about.
    Then, Wednesday, I spent about 45 minutes doing some more experimenting with the melodies, trying out some other things, and finding things that sounded better.
    Thursday, I decided to listen to it again, and still wasn't completely content with it. I started tinkering about and soon another 45 minutes had passed trying to perfect the melodies.
    Thursday and today I've also made some alterations to the structure, to get it as simple as possible.
    I had thought of a title on Tuesday already, and quickly knew how I wanted to do the video as well. It turned out pretty much exactly as I wanted it, after all the trouble I had to go through to get it there, so I don't really need to explain my vision, I think.
    The photograph was taken by myself, the font was made and put available freely by a certain Charlotte, thanks for that.
    I programmed the bubbles and bubble generator in GameMaker Studio. I did a lot of tinkering there as well, until the bubbles arose in a semi-natural but interesting fashion.

    And I am really happy with how everything turned out. :) Especially the composing was a very fun experience, and I think I learnt a lot from it.

    Be the first to answer the following question to earn 7 CP: How often does a bubble with my name (607) appear between the introduction of the piano and the introduction of the final set of violins?
    I wanted to ask it for the whole video at first, but having you count for over 3 minutes is really too long. ;)"

  11. "Hello!
    It's been a while since my last published MaxYMiser composition. :) At the end of last school year, I suppose in May, I started work on a new tune. I stopped at a tough spot, though, and when I tried to resume work some days later, I didn't really feel it. Then, I thought I'd have plenty of time in summer to pick it back up, so I didn't feel the need to do it any time soon. ... and I didn't compose all summer. Oops.
    In October, I was chatting online with a new friend of mine, Ruth. At some point I told her I wanted to do some composing again soon.
    A day or two later, I tried to pick up my old composition again, but once again, I failed to continue it. So I decided to start fresh! I started out on piano, and then put what I made up into MaxYMiser. I worked on it for a day or two, and then I was too busy again. I think I have worked on the bulk of the composition across 4-6 days total. As usual, I did the YM channels first, and added the drum samples later. While working on the drums, I made a mistake and lost a pattern's worth of music. I turned out to have made a back-up a while ago, and part of what I lost was in there. The rest I had to redo, but at that point I had heard the tune so often that I didn't have too much trouble with that, and in the end it only cost 20 minutes or so.
    I finished the tune on Sunday the 17th. I still needed to make a drawing for it, though, and I'd have to wait for that, as the Atari is at my parental home. When I got back there, it took me a few days before I had time to actually do the drawing. In the meantime, I did make quite some little adjustments to various things, improving the overall tune. So I guess it's good I had to wait! ;)
    Because I started making this tune because of a conversation with Ruth, I wanted to do something with that name. Ruth is a biblical figure, who, if I recall correctly, reaped on the fields of Boaz, under special conditions. In any case, I thought of the name 'Reaping Benefits'. It's a well-known phrase, and it fits. I am reaping the benefits of the study I'm currently doing, for example - the study I met Ruth at.
    This also set the theme for the picture. I wanted to draw ears. However, after trying for the third time, I still hadn't come up with anything good. My mother needed me for something and I asked her to have a try... 20 minutes or so later, we had exactly what I wanted. :D So thanks to her for that! The rest of the picture is fairly simple. I _did_ at first manage to write the title wrong. xD Luckily it's got a simple background, so I could remove the title and try again.
    Well, that's it for this description... it's quite long, isn't it? :p I can't really tell, as for some reason the box to write them in on YouTube is still really small... the upload page hasn't been uploaded in ages anyway. Dark mode doesn't even work here.

    Anyway: be the first to answer the following question correctly to earn 7 CP (see In what book of the Old Testament is the story of Ruth told?"
  12. Well, yes. :p
    Did you check out the tune I just posted?
  13. Going to now, just woke up :)
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  14. I requested a title change. :)
    I also see I forgot posting my previous published piece here. I think that was an accident, but I'll leave it at that. This new one is much better anyway. ;)

    "When I was at a certain place again (born_ego's parental home), I wanted to compose another minimalistic theme. I made Additives and Bubbles of Hope and Despair there, too.
    This time, I wanted to create a really good piece. One more interesting, but preferably also longer than my previous work, Dancing Bars. I decided to use a direct form of inspiration: the work Concrete Jungle by Jerry Martin. It's one of my favourite musical pieces and a great example of minimal music. I took a lot of ideas from his piece. Don't compare it with mine too much, though: his is obviously a lot better. ;) And his was performed by an orchestra, while mine was played back in MuseScore 2.
    As said, I took a lot of ideas from that piece, but of course did my own things with them. I got stuck twice, not knowing what to add but not wanting to end the piece yet. The first time born_ego's mother advised I had add another instrument, which I did: the organ. It's a bit of a strange fit, perhaps, but I think it works rather well. I'm glad I also got to use it a second time, near the end. The second time I got stuck I listened to Concrete Jungle yet another time, and heard an interesting device. I asked born_ego's mother about it, and she said how she thought it was made. I did something similar when I made the flute chords, coupled with the bass drum and cymbal.
    I'm really happy with how much I was able to experiment harmonically with this piece. When working on chiptunes, it's hard to create harmonies, because you're working with so little channels. Now, though, I had as many tones as I wanted to. One part I really like is when the organ first comes in, and then it repeats three times, each adding a new harmony: first, additonal organ tones, then a flute melody that isn't quite just a transposition of the organ chord progression, and then finally an additional flute note under the other flute note, which doesn't change with every note. It seems confusing like this, but if you're listening to the piece, you'll know what I mean. :p
    I also quite like the flute chords at the end. I didn't calculate them or anything, I just played around a bit on a virtual piano, until I found a progression I rather liked, and some variations on it.
    I worked on this for three days, I think, and then I didn't have time for some time. I finished it at home, yesterday. I didn't add much new; I made an end to the piece, improved the interlude that occurs twice throughout the piece, and tweaked the panning of each instrument.
    I would have liked to upload it then, but I couldn't think of video material to include. I brainstormed at night, and concluded that I would just take a picture of an old building near my house, and make a title to put on top of it (like most of the Barbarossa soundtrack, and my chiptunes). However, when I went out with my iPad to take a picture, it turned out the building had been fully torn down. I knew they were working on getting it down, but I never realised it was actually gone, now, even though I frequently pass it. I ran around to see if it really was gone (it was), and then I decided to record a video of an excavator... doing something. I couldn't do this using my iPad, however, as I surely wouldn't have enough space (and neither iPads nor iPhones support removable storage). So I decided to record using my mobile phone. However, it records very low-quality footage. I hope it's artsy. :p
    When I started recording, I checked my watch so I could know when I had enough, but I wasn't listening to the piece while recording this. I decided I wouldn't keep the video stationary the whole time, and change things up sometimes, but I left it up to chance whether these changes would match up with the music well. I think they did! I'm especially glad the tilt to the sky at the end was at the right time.

    That's all. I could probably say more, but this is enough. ;)
    The CP question of this video (be the first to answer it correctly to earn 6 CP, you can use that to request specific videos or even compositions if you get enough) is as follows: around what time (you don't need to pinpoint the exact second) does the excavator turn its back to the camera and shut off? (You can't really see it shutting off; I could hear it, however. But you can surely see it turning around. ;))

    I hope you enjoyed!"

  15. "Warning: Experimental. ;)

    This was long in the making! I first got the concept idea for this track in February 2018, when I went to the haircutter's, and noticed their doorbell was out of tune. As in, the interval was larger than you'd expect it to be. This is exactly what you hear at the beginning of the tune: first, the doorbell as you'd expect it to be, then, as it is at this haircutter's. On the way back, I explored the idea to turn this into a tune, and made up the arpeggio that plays through most of the tune. However, I didn't actually start work on the theme until April, two months later. In April, I made the first few patterns, but then got distracted by other stuff. I finally continued another 3 months later, in July of this year. I finalised the tune at the beginning of August. Then, however, I still needed to make a drawing, and it took some time until I had access to the Atari ST. But I did, yesterday!
    And I am very happy with this drawing. ^.^ I used quite some tricks. Note the notes too! It wasn't easy to make them look natural, and for both that and the 'Featuring [...]' text I had to use DEGAS+ functions I had never used before.

    Now, about the tune itself... well, I won't explain too much. ;) You know where the idea comes from, and you know Big Ben and Nokia are also featured... now, just listen. ;)

    Be the first to answer the following question correctly in the comments to earn 7 CP: What time in the tune is the Big Ben reference at?

    PS: Download at"
  16. I have no clue if this has been answered yet, but that's an easy one for me, I definitely don't need any help with that one - that's obviously Rome, Italy, and that big blob sticking out is in Vatican City! :)

    In fact, I might actually have a somewhat similar picture, let me search... *searches*

    I found one from , but I feel like I might have something better... *searches more*

    There we go! One of my very own pictures of Rome. :)

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  17. Cool! Although the picture I used looks a lot better, to be honest. ;) All background photographs were taken by a friend of mine, though; I haven't actually got any self-taken pictures of sights at all, I think. :p
    But you're right, the question had not yet been answered! I was going to say "You should post the answer in the YouTube comments" but apparently I didn't specify that here, so it's fine, you got it. :p
    This makes you the second person to reach 100 Club Points!!
    You could let me make a tune made entirely for you, now. :D
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  18. Well, this picture wasn't intended to be of the San Pietro, it was intended to be of the Piazza del Popolo. ;)

    I couldn't find anywhere that said that I had to post in the YouTube comments, so I just went ahead and did it here. ;)

    Wow, yay, so I'm second now, with exactly 100 CP! :D
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