Love is in the air!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day!

    To celebrate Valentines day, we have added a fun new promo, the Cupid's Bow! What does it do? Well, claim yours and find out... This one is about fun and is not combat related :)

    To claim: /promo vday

    This may be purchased at /shop for 20k rupees!

    Promo is over!
  2. Very nice :D I am buying these at 6465 on SMP3 if anyone wants to sell :)
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  3. Wow nice
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  4. Awesome new promo!

    Love it! :p
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  5. LOL possibly the coolest promo i've been here for :)

    And I don't even have mine yet...

    Umm.. need a second promo item... (leather vest of 'Protection from cupid' enchantment)
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  6. Bahaha~ I was torturing my friend's with this earlier. I love this bow, it's definitely one of my favourite promos! uwu~
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  7. Great new item! Could it be possible to use it on animals to make them breed?
    Since they hardly ever breed anymore (especially villagers in town)
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  8. Love it! :D
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  9. I called it...
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  10. Aw chickeneer why did you spoil itD:
  11. It has durability dang it xD I want to use it so bad, but I don't want to waste durability.
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  12. Woo hoo, love this! Best promo evah! :D Thanks!
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  13. Aikar is there a way to make it so an item has infinite durability but if used once the meta data changes so it is clear that it has been used?
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  14. Now I'm waiting for the arrows are go with it... :D
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  15. But then it looses its value.
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  16. But then there would be 0 reason to have more than 1 D:

    Have you tried doing that to see if it doesn't already do that.... ? ;) (But not for villagers)
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  17. Love it Aikar! Thanks!

    (Buying at 4432 on SMP2 :3)
  18. LOVE! IT! Can't believe my idea actually made it! Thank you aikar!
  19. Buying them at 811 on SMP1!! :p

    Cool item