(lol) moments of minecraft

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  1. do you have lol minecraft moments!? - share them!


    come at me bro!

    surprise head shot to creeper, for the win!
  2. My lol one of EMC (kinda counts) was when Aikar had been afk for hours then suddenly when chat was quiet you saw:
    Aikar was kicked by Aikar. Reason: Grr... Forgot to logout on work pc >.<
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  3. Lol yeah I was afk at a grinder, came back and found my friend coating me in layers of blocks.
  4. 2012-06-10_22.53.39.png
    300 VILLAGERS IN THE KRUSTY KRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Jack kind of said my lol moment already :/

  6. Weird glitches:

  7. my LOL moment: 17 stacks of villagers bred on my res by themselves.. Crashing almost all computers that tried to visit my place.. Had to get Shaun somehow to egg them all o.o was a long day for him I bet.. Green's Dell XPS laptop couldn't even handle the lag.. I'm sorry for all who had to expierence that dreadfull lag..

    Now my res is lagfree and planning to stay that way!
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  8. Not sure if this is a lol moment or not, but once i was exploring in the wilderness when i ran into some other player. He said: I have been expecting you
    Then he gave me a diamond, spawned a squid and walked into a pool of lava. 2012-06-10_22.37.11.png
  9. That's definitely a lol moment. My gf is looking at me funny now. :confused:
  10. I once tricked my sister into trying to sleep in the nether :rolleyes: Not as lol as some others but our friend and I thought it was funny.
  11. Another lol moment:
    NoobofEpicness tries to sleep in the nether, gets blown up and informed of the "bed bombs" in the nether.
    Turns it into a hilarious expedition where he sneaks up on afk people, waits for them to turn around, puts down a bed, and screams "RUNNNNN!!!!!" before blwoing himself up.
  12. xD Haha he showed me that. Then two seconds later in Tell:
    NoobOfEpicness: I just fell into lava...
  13. Awesome trap. Wasn't working. Why not? No redstone power source. Epic Fail.
  14. Another one!
    Creative mode. Spawned 1,000,000 creepers. Punched one, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
  15. that must of been fun on your computer.

    My lol moment: Hardcore survival mode, at the end, i walked straight off the edge while trying to get a ender men to fall off the edge. I was like" Huh, this is a problem"
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  16. I doubt that you could spawn a million creepers without MC crashing. My computer has 8 GB of ram and crashed MC when I tried ten-thousand.
  17. SO doing this >:]
  18. No particles, clouds, tiny render distance ,SPC, Super fast Computer, laggiest thing ever.
    (Is laggiest a word?)
  19. How much RAM on the computer?
  20. How do you kick yourself? :confused: