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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by jebblue, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. The forums need a light theme, dark themes are hard on my eyes, have a hard time reading the content.
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  2. It's a nice web site, hope my post wasn't grumpy, just hoping for a way to view it in a light theme so I can read it without squinting and getting a headache. Thanks!
  3. Really? I have the exact opposite, I have sensitive eyes and I like the dark theme. But, I'm up for more variety for people who want it, so +1
  4. The light theme exists already, but it's hidden because a lot of our graphics, etc are designed for a dark background and a light theme is hard on the eyes. That's interesting that you believe otherwise, so I'll look into what we have to make available.
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  5. I agree with Sydney, you do not hear much about Dark Themes being hard on people's eyes, rather it's usually the light themes that are the most painful to look at.

    Though, diversity sounds nice, if a "light theme" ever becomes an idea, I'd support it for those whom it helps. :)
  6. Huh, that is indeed very interesting!
    But more themes would be nice for my currently live challenge. ;)
  7. Light theme I like that idea
  8. Appreciate it. There is actually academic research showing light themes are easier for the eyes and brain to process:

    "People with astigmatism (aproximately 50% of the population) find it harder to read white text on black than black text on white."
  9. Wow, thanks for sharing that.

    I mean I guess it makes sense. I'm guessing that white on dark is probably known as the better one however because its less light meaning you can sleep easier.
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  10. This reminds me of the studies that have been done that have proven that a reddish tint to computer monitors are easier on the eyes at night (which, in turn, lead to better rest) compared to the default blue light emitted by computer monitors. :)

    You could say that's why the nightlight feature for Windows 10 exists. (Redshift for Linux users. :) )
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  11. Honestly, besides graphics and MAYBE technical limitations, this should be relatively easy to do. I think.

    Don't quote me.
  12. C'mon! Even Microsoft is joining the "light side"!
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  13. That hurts my eyes imo
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  14. Sorry, but I disagree. The dark theme is much better, because it's a lot easier for me to look at. Windows has been long overdue for a dark theme for many years. Microsoft is quite late to the party, unfortunately... (Plus their Windows 10 dark theme is partially-implemented, while Linux on the other hand...)

    I'm all for a lighter theme on EMC if it helps those with vision issues with the dark themes, but I myself, will not be using it.
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  15. I think it looks COOL, but the choice is yours.
  16. So the light theme has some issues to work on, and not all may be fixable.

    -top of page is custom coded and remains dark (with logo, etc)
    -text we use in posts like yellow are really difficult to read in light theme (possibly fixable by making everything default to black in the theme, though you lose custom text in posts that may be designed to make something stand out)
    -banners for voucher sales, and survival update release are custom coded to the color we needed, and not built into the framework that deals with theme design

    Still working on it though :)
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  17. If those are the most important issues, you could also just leave it the way it is, and just publish the theme - to me they don't sound like too big issues. :)
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  18. Agreed! Especially as it sounds like for jebblue it's about ease of reading, not aesthetics. And if there's text in a colour that's hard to read, you can highlight it. :)
  19. Who you going to choose




  20. I choose the "green side". Nothing makes you think of mint chip ice cream like dark and mild green colors combined together. :D
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