Life Hacks Thread

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  1. Need useful tips? This is what the threads for! Watch the thread for useful tips daily!

    Life Hack #1: Microwave stale chips for about two minutes to make them crispy again.
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  2. That sounds disgusting, and a lot like nuking.
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  3. Life hack videos incoming! (Will edit when I get veedyos)

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  4. Life hack #2: DONT microwave stale chips inside plastic bags because that will give you cancer. Seriously.

    Microwave them in a bowl or something.
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  5. Why wasn't this thread here when I needed to know how to install Minecraft. :p
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  6. Life hack: Don't browse EMC forums for the first time in months when you have an essay due in 4 hours.
  7. Life hack #3: Chip bags are not made of plastic, but metal. Instead of getting cancer you'll set fire to your kitchen.
  8. Funnnnnnnnn...

    I have one due in 10 hours xD

    Only part of chip bags are made of metal. ;)
    It's the synthetic stuff they coat the metal with that is actually bad.
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  9. Life Hack #4: Instead of spending 4 years to graduate in chemistry and learn how to put chips in the microwave, just go buy a new bag of chips :p
  10. Life hack #5: Use this when using Google for academic reasons.
  11. Life Hack #2 from me ;) : Popcorn is the healthiest snack. It builds muscle, tissue, aids digestion and is good for the teeth.
  12. That's not really a life hack, rather a fact :p
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  13. Its a "life hack" as it gives you an excuse treat a lot of popcorn :)

    Life Hack #3 : Turn your shower to cold before you close the water. It will close your pores and make you less likely to get acne.
  14. Life Hack: When ever somebody asks you a question, type it into "Let me google that for you", get the link and give it to them so that it searches it on the internet for them. Site here :D
  15. That got old quickly, though :p

    I can't think of a life hack myself, though, at the moment.
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  16. It never gets old! :rolleyes: Not if over-used :p
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  18. I knew that you were going to do something like that >_>
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  19. Life Hack: Don't microwave Arby's food in wrapping. It is metal.

    It lit on fire and I chucked it outside.. It was interesting
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