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  1. Hello,

    I have wanted to join the military my entire life. I have decided on the Airforce. It seems like what I want to do in life. It also has a job that AMAZES me. Being a JTAC or a TACP. But before I make it official, I want to hear your experiences with the Airforce! So, Lets hear it! I would love to hear your entire experience! But the biggest question for me is, Is it a good route? Would you do it again? Do you regret your decision?

  2. Im not in the army, but my cousin is. If you really like being in the army go for it. My cousin always liked that kind of stuff and he is happy now, it will be happy for you
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  3. No offense, he said air force :p, I don't have any experience in the air force being a teenager and all... so bye. :)
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  4. its kind of insulting to call one branch another in the us. i realize you may be a foreigner but as a marine it always angers me being called army. just for future reference

    as far as the op goes, if you are smart enough for the chairforce ( :p ) then do it. its good money, one of the few branches with actual civilian application, and you are basically set for life if you do a single full term. Also even tho most will scoff in the other important branches when you meet an airman in battle, they usually are saving your skin.
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  5. ya iv heard the chair force can be fun.
  6. ...Im not from the US i just now they have an army... sorry for insulting i didn't mean it :(:(
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  7. Chair force is a name the Army Infantry gave the air force
  8. I hate that "The Airforce is full of wusses" mindset. You say that, Then they save your ass :p

    The job that I want is extremely hardcore. When I asked my uncle (Airforce vet) he said "gotta have solid brass balls to be a Tac p"
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  9. Please no no no no no, that is not an adjective and it is a poison to our society that it is being used that way:(
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  10. What?
  11. My brother is a real air fanatic, but there is no way he is cut out for any branch of the military. I too love the skies and to fly but I am, paradoxically, afraid of heights. Branches of the military show up in the commons area at my school and set up stands every so often, and all of them have been here except for the USAF and it makes me a little bit angry.
  12. It wasn't insulting :p Just was informing you :)
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  13. from the enlisted standpoint that view is just to make fun of people getting paid better. i dont think most service members actually think that way at least none that have been in the field.
    civilians always think dumb things like that, it cant be helped, its a result of too many war movies. when you hear that tell them to go watch battle:la and pay attention to michelle rodriguez'es role then to put that into practical application. should shut them right up
  14. I'm not sure what you are referring to about enlisted standpoints and what not. The airforce is pretty much for show. What everyone thinks the airforce does is what the navy actually does and the airforce pretty much backs up the armies aviation branch. The airforce doesn't really do a whole lot, no matter how much those that have their lives invested in it want to believe that. Navy has more jets, army has more planes and the air force literally has a larger percentage of chair jobs... literally not just to make fun of them. If you don't have the "I'm gonna save the world" mentality but actually want to get something career wise out of your time in and want to skip most of the BS, go to the air force. No one is going to think you are hardcore no matter what you do in the air force except for people doing less that ARE in the airforce. If you want to be hard core go army ranger school. if you want to talk like you are hardcore be a marine. if you want to play with all the most fancy gear, go navy and make sure you know people in the navy so you get what you want out of it.

    Edit: if you want to call marines army that makes sense, they are the army for the navy. They are the ground forces for the navy. They get upset about a lot of things ;-)

    Edit 2: If you want to be jerked around a bunch stepped on while doing all the dirty work and making the military actually run, not make a dime and hate your time in the military... join the army XD
  15. My father did 20 years in the USAF - first as a tech doing electronics work for satellite communications, then later as a NCO trainer at McGuire (before it was mothballed). He retired in '99. To my knowledge, he never saw anything approaching combat, and the closest he came was a TDY in Turkey around the time Desert Storm was getting under way.
    I've always held a great deal of respect for his service, and the military in general. Told myself that if I ever did join a branch of the armed services, it'd be the Air Force, but by the time I reached a point in my life where I was willing to seriously consider serving, I was too old to enlist.

    Having said that... you already know my opinion. Maybe USAF would even be a good branch for you, but JTAC? Any role that would put you in a position to make life-or-death decisions over people is one I think you'd be very ill-suited for, given some of your previous statements. I'm sorry if that offends you, but my concerns stand. The silver lining is, I'd like to believe that by the time you reached that point in your career, you'd have either learned to temper your hate, or that your superior officers would have the good sense not to put you in those positions.
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  16. meaning people who have been enlisted and actually know about how the military works versus my second point which was the civilian point of view
  17. I would never go to the army.

  18. I cannot believe you would bring that up again, You are not in my position. This person did not personally effect you and you took what I said wrong. So I will politely ask you to SHUT UP. Did you really have to follow me, making me look like an ass? Did you really have to add a link there to show others what I said?
  19. believe me the mind set is dramatically different from someone who actually knows military culture then someone who doesn't.
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