Let's talk about a time when you screwed up.

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  1. I'm a member of a political party which is strongly opposed to racism and bigotry. As such, when I see someone post something Islamophobic, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted on Facebook, I criticise them, and call them out for it.

    Today, I did that. I accused someone of being a hypocrite, because he believed that British people should be entitled to wear poppies (it's sort of controversial here in Northern Ireland) yet believed Muslims shouldn't be allowed to wear burqas in public. He then pointed out to me that it was not him who held this opinion on Muslims, but his brother. So, me and my political views are now ridiculed. :rolleyes:

    Tell me a time you screwed up, EMC :)
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  2. i other media outlets im a troll, and normally i dont mind. but one time my friend took a picture of his newborn baby and i said....she does not even look like you. turned out the girl was cheating on him. i was friends with both of them :(
  3. I think I have really developed into an angry person. I was banned for something that really made me angry, so whenever something that comes up about the reason why I was banned, what I was against, etc, I rant hardcore. I cannot control myself on the keyboard.
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  4. Have you considered taking up a martial art like karate? That's meant to help with discipline, helping you control anger and general insanity.
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  5. I can't remember a very significant time I screwed up, but I have a few of my friends.

    1. My friends like to mess with this girl in science class and move her table to the back of the room. They did this one day. When she was moving it back with another person, she smashed here finger between two tables. When she did this, it damaged the soft tissue in her finger. Because it was her dominant hand, one of the guys had to take her notes in another class.

    2. One of the people that sits next to me at lunch was talking about race and ethnic groups. She wasn't being racist, but she went on to say that Muslim is a race. We kept telling her that it wasn't, but to this day she thinks that it is a race.

    3. One of my friends at my table at lunch likes to play basketball and soccer. We got into a conversation about those two sports and he accused the high school varsity basketball coach of picking players based on their: family name, wealth, how popular they are and how important they are in school/town. He also said that he knows more about soccer than his soccer coach and that he could probably coach varsity soccer at age 14.
  6. I once ate a cake before putting icing on it :(
  7. I would have noped so much at that.
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  8. Today I stubbed my toe.

    It hurt an awful lot.
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  9. ALL TIMES!:D Whenever I am tired, I will say or do the most stupid things. I won't leave any examples because you won't understand the context but yeah.
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  10. I love how straight forward you said that, lol.
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  11. I believed armor was only for looks, and did not wear any for my first 6 months of minecraft.

    I reset my res without eggifying my 50 villagers.

    I accidentally ate 2 super apples in mobarena at the same time.

    I made a lava fireplace in a wood house under a waterfall, when it caught on fire I dug the ceiling out and the water poured in. It then formed obsidian and because I had no diamond or diamond pickaxe it was stuck looking ugly for a month.

    I deleted the wrong world.
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  12. I was thinking more along the lines of meditation, but that works :p
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  13. Yeah, meditation might be better...
  14. you would be surprised. Karate teaches you how to channel your anger and frustrations into physical excretion and how to properly discipline your mind to focus that energy where it needs to be, as well as how to contain your anger and store it for when a TRUE threat is called upon (i.e. life threatening situations)

    Yoga and other forms of meditation exercise take notes from the teachings of martial arts for this exact reason. Chances are, if you are taking part in ANY mainstream form of meditation, it holds its roots in a martial arts practice somewhere.

    On the positive, Karate and other forms of martial arts (taekwondo is my personal favorite) not only teach you the more popular meditation techniques, they also give you the physical outlet to punch and kick some things, as well as a great cardio work out, so its good for you. A 5 minute spar in martial arts can can be equal to running 15 miles! It was a favorite form of cardio exercise while I served in South Korea, and you do not even have to leave the area to do it!.
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  15. I had cooking class in highschool, because, why not. I had a knife in my hand while cooking a pizza. I did this move where I flung the knife behind me (still holding on to it) to make an air "Z" to mimmick the Zorro movies. There was someone behind me and the knife went into his cheek towards his eye...stopping just short of it.
  16. you stabbed a guy?

  17. That's not even the best thing.

    In this science class that was 99% experiments and stuff (didn't even have a text book), I one time heated up some sulfur in a test tube until it was boiling liquid state, then quickly put it into water to see what would happen. It shot fireballs, one which landed on some guy's wind breaker jacket. Needless to say, he didn't have a wind breaker jacket after that day.
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  18. I do not know whether to laugh or cry....

    Maybe your highschool behavior explains why you have a craving for death events (sarcasm/joke)
  19. lolwat?
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  20. That could be accurate, lol. Not a week goes by that I don't do them. #HighschoolDeathProblems
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