[Let's Play] Road To 1.7 w/ IcecreamCow, TehSpiders, OrigamiJoe, & Deathtomb8953

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  1. So, instead of doing a typical, "This is a video with all the organized things of the new snapshots" video, we've decided to do a Survival Let's Play using the snapshots of Minecraft. These will be in the form of a mini-series, in the sense that we will start them when the first snapshot of a version is released and end it when the actual release comes out (in this case official 1.7).

    We've only familiarized ourselves with the new things very vaguely prior to starting so things are a surprise to us as we find them as well. :)

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    While we try and keep it as clean as possible, there may be some slips of inappropriateness and possible swearing (and beavis & butthead humor), so keep that in mind before watching them.


  2. first :D

    And nice :D
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  3. Looks great Cow :D
  4. Awesome!
  5. Was this on an EMC server like snapshottesting.empire.us?
  6. lol the humor in this video *smh*
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  7. It was on supersecretserver.empire.us, just like everything is. :D
  8. I'll try that then stage.empire.us
  9. Stage isn't super secret :p
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  10. Supersecretserver.empire.us doesn't exist...no dynamp for that address :p
  11. SuperSecretServer is so secret, that without being a ninja, you can't see or do anything involving it, obviously.
  12. Great!:)
  13. The most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million.
  14. So we should auction a cow made of ice cream?
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  15. Moooore lol !
  16. Great video Mr. Moo-Moo Creamuvise! I can't wait to see the next episode!
  17. What happened to belch?... :confused:
  18. *Sniff*