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  1. So I've deicide to try my hand at making Minecraft houses. I'm not going to be building modern houses, as it seems just about everyone does and I generally don't like them, but I'm going to build simple houses that serves its purpose, but also have a good look to them. (Well, they look good to me, we all have opinions.) I've only made one so far, and here it is.

    Its a tiny house, I know, but its good for someone who doesn't spend a lot of time inside or has a dedicated place for storage.

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  2. I really like the look of that - although, that amount of space is only really good for me for the first few Minecraft days :p I mine alot of crap really quickly.
  3. I myself make a storage space under my houses, so my top floors normally aren't all that big.
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  4. why people like crap i will never know.
  5. 1. Nice 1.7 features :D
    2. My houses are usually a rectangle with a flat roof.
    3. Nice house in general
  6. I had the ''flat roof cobblestone houses (blocks)'' first too, those houses were great, but now I took some of the style to the knee...
  7. make the entire thing out of diamond blocks, (you supply the materials) and Ill buy one. :D
  8. Finally got around to making another one.

    This one has a western/Mexican theme

    The main room

    The tiny bedroom

    Hope you like it. :)
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  9. I really like the look of the clay one o.o
    It blends in really well with the other clay colours around it :p
  10. This one was a little bit of an experiment for me.

    I normally don't do much with upstairs and decks, but I thought I would take a swing at it, and I think it came out good. :)


    The upstairs landing. (Bed is there because I couldn't find a better place for it. :p)

    And the deck.

    Hope you like it. :)
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  11. These houses are pretty nice :D
  12. Why thank you. :)

    Built another one finally. :p

    It has a raised upperfloor, and a somewhat exposed basement.

    The main floor. (Not much on it, didn't know what to put. :p)

    And the basement. Perfect for hosting a party, reading obscure poetry with your indie friends, reenacting your favorite fictional meth makers, OR ALL THREE!

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  13. Cool :)
    Look forward to more of these ;)
  14. Looks nice, you think it might look better with black/gray carpets on the glass?
  15. Looks pretty good. :)

  16. Finally made a new house. :)

    Forgot to do anything with the inside. :p

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  17. Yeah yeah yeah, I know "YOU BUMPZED AN OLD THREAD!" But I finally built something new, not a house, but a small office building/thing.


    Main floor

    Empty second floor

    Not much, but I hope you like it. :)
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  18. For those who do not know, he is using the new blocks from the 1.8 update.

    Good work
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  19. Love it! The 1.8 blocks fit in great in this building! I love how you built the desk. :) Can't wait to see more!
  20. Built a small starter home today. :)



    Not very big, but its a good starter home for someone who wants more than a wood shack. :)