Legit's 500th day / late May the 4th giveaway / AMA!

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  1. Yes ladies and gentlemen, today is my 500th day on EMC! It has been a long 500 days, filled with fun, boredom, happiness, and sadness, and much more! Today, folks, I bring you my late May the 4th giveaway, along with a AMA. I will be giving away not an enchantment, but one thing from every chest in my house. The items will be random, and will not be all dirt. (But dirt might be in it. :p)

    Please pick a number

    1. Princebee
    2. Electrobomb
    3. Adderwolf71
    4. THE_LEGEND4
    5. Mba2012
    6. Crazy1800
    7. Bonthetomato9798
    8. Superg64
    9. Pat2011
    10. Uriel155
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. cddm95ace
    13. Qwerty189
    14. Jake_bagby
    15. Marklea

    Now, for the AMA. Just ask any questions you have about anything! :)

    Thanks for making these 500 days great!

    *EDIT* You will only get a number if you do a certain thing.
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  2. 13 please!
    What's the strangest question you've ever been asked?
  3. 14 Please! :D
    Who is your favourite youtuber?
  4. What are your favorite games?
    How did you come into minecraft?

    11 please :)
  5. I'll have 3, please.
    What is the speed of an unladen swallow?
    It depends on whether you are talking about an African or European swallow.
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  6. 7 please! Do you like tomatoes?
  7. 8 please! What was the most illogical thing to happen on EMC that was relevant to you or lava walls?
  8. 9 please

    Funnest time on EMC?
  9. No idea :p


    1. TF2, Minecraft, SimCity, Civ5 BF1944
    2. Friend showed it to me

    9001 mph

    Not really :p

    After the King RedBird greifing, around a quarter of SMP3 thought I greifted him, even through I was in the wild when it happened.

    Way to many to count, but one of them was the Halloween event. I ran into town to barricade my SMP3 lot because I didn't know it was a joke.
  10. 4 please :)

    Worst thing ever happened to you on EMC?
  11. 15 plz!

    Best creation uve seen on emc?
  12. *Jake_bagby :p
  13. 6 pl0x
    Do you think I'm pretty?
  14. 10 please. Do you like turtles?
  15. Best Moment of EMC to do with the Wild?
  16. Hawt


    The making of the SMP3 camp.
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  17. When my SMP2 camp got griefted.

    No idea :p
  18. 1 please. If you had an Unusual Team Captain with Sunbeams, what would you do with it?
  19. Congratx :) 12 please

    How did you choose your username?