Legit's 500th day / late May the 4th giveaway / AMA!

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  1. i thought you were Jack_Bagby and then there is JakeBiggin also
  2. What made you like TF2 so much?

    4 please :D
  3. I'll go with 5.
    How's life?
  4. 12: how'd to get your username?
  5. Ill take 2 please:D why are you so legit?
  6. Grats! Will you be adding more numbers? that's my question lol. if so may i have one :D
  7. six pls
  8. Walk around and attempt to Market Garden people.

    It was my alt's name on Roblox.
  9. Its fun and doesn't get boring after an hour of playing. *COUGHCOUGHCOUGHcodCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH*

    Already answered :)

    Sorry, no. :( I don't like having a lot of numbers, mostly because i'm to lazy to type in a lot of names. :p

    /quote Electrobomb: Why are you legit /endquote

    Because I am :D

    Also, Crazy1800, as number 6 did not have the certain thing in his post, I have given you number , as your number was already taken.
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  10. o.0 I'm older that legit o.0

    You can pick up your random items at 7291, SMP3.