Legit needs (dating) help.

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  1. Yep, its this again. Some of you might remember that thread of mine that was about working up the nerve to do something, but it turned into a thread that was almost all about me and my crush. Well that didn't work out as planned, but now, its the next year, and I kind of like another girl. I have not a clue on what to do now. I don't want to walk in tomorrow and ask her out, as im still not sure, so any help would be nice.

    Also, this girl is friends with the other girl.
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  2. Hmm... tell her about your legitness.
    Introduction - Foreward
    I've been seeing a lot of "relationship/girl advice" on the forums recently, (and as in seeing alot I mean two threads :3) so I've decided to compile possibly the Manliest Guide for Guys that want a Girl but needs help from a guy so they read a book written by a guy (Yours Truly) giving advice about how to get a girl the MAN's way. Seriously. That's the name of the guide.
    Disclaimer before your bathed in my knowledge: This part of the guide is the only "non-serious" (I should put it) part of the guide. So yeah and stuff. Enjoy and add other advice down below.

    The Guy's Guide for Guys about Girls written by a Guy.
    So yeah. I'll break this down so it's easy for you guys out there.
    Step 1: Finding a girl, making sure it IS a girl
    Make sure it is NOT a guy, mop, broom, cow, tnt, mouse, horse, (any animal besides a human female) shark, table, or piece of steak. Not sure why you would mix up these things, but hey.
    Step 2: Get super sirius mode.
    -_- <-- Super Sirius Mode Engaged. Seriously. If you want to be in a relationship, make sure you find a girl you (obviously) already like.
    Step 1: Go up to the girl.
    Go up to her, and ask her name and that usual stuff. But here's the key part.
    Step 1 *Advice* Make sure to come across as yourself, but like a super version of yourself. Make sure not to be someone your not, or wear a mask the whole time (metaphorically speaking) and MAKE sure, not to lie, at ALL.
    Step 1 Cont. I know most of you guys are still in school, (like me as well) so if you have classes and sit next to each other, great. even better. That way you can have a topic (talk about your day, how bad the teacher is, how many hours you stared at her from the bu- well maybe not the last one. But you get the point etc.
    Step 2: Get her phone number/contacts
    If she shows any sign of liking you in the next few days, she will do this: (Not guaranteed, some girls play hard to get :3)
    Say Hi to you even if your'e with your other friends.
    Brush her hair back.
    Move her legs open and back.
    Lean in a bit when you're talking.
    Pays attention when you're speaking.
    Laughs at literally everything you say
    Gets creepy for like 5 seconds... then turns completely normal again
    I could go on.
    Step 2 *Advice* Make sure you treat her special, and she'll presume something's up.
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  3. Also, if I do ask her out, I will be going in as blind as a bat, as I don't know if shes dating anyone.

    Also, also, there is the saying that says, if you like a someone, but then you like someone else, pick the second one, as if you really liked the first one, you wouldn't have liked the second one.
  4. Ask her.
    That is true.
  5. Ok…this is going to be tough…

    Maybe talk to her to start. Slowly get to know her, invite her to movies or something, then ask her out after a little while of friendship.

    Man, I need a thread for advice with my own situation…
  6. My school isn't a place were going out, like to the movies, is a thing, but I might ask her.

    OR... I can ruin it by doing this. *Puts on pilots hat* Wanna take a seat in the cockpit.

    Got that from Whos line is it anyways.
  7. Yeah neither is mine. My school is like this: School dance, dating begins. Day after dance. Breakups and tears everywhere. I'm glad I avoid those things.

    That was a terrible joke. :rolleyes:
  8. I'm waiting.. :p
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  9. Tell her how beutiful she is and ask her out saying," Hey do you have time this weekend?"
    and ask her to go to the movies or anywhere between both of you. This is a good way to start a true relationship!
  10. I can see one way I would screw that up.

    Its a expression.
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  11. Expression…
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  12. Well you just asked!

    Back to the topic on hand.
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  13. I hope your post will be full of wisdom Iam.

    Some stuff to note.

    1. I only started liking her around Tuesday of last week.
    2. From what I know, she plays Minecraft, possibly on EMC.
    Thinking of more.
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  14. Trust me, I'm working on it right now :3 (Posting this on different window)
  15. Building suspense?
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  16. Rules to go by:
    Have patience, lots of it.
    Get to know her (at least her birthday for pete's sake), what she likes and what she hates.
    Never be angry, no matter what happens, signs of jealousy or annoyance (pestering) will be the death of you!

    Good luck and may everything go to plan...
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  17. I only build suspense with the purest, finest diamond blocks injected with legitness.
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  18. get to know here. be ok friends but not super duper amazing friends or youl get friend zoned. dont just be out of the blue work it in to a conversation
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  19. I like it, but super duper amazing friends sometimes also means you're both very comfortable around her, which is a sign of a good marriage. But I can see where you are coming from. Also you'll probably get friend-zoned if you're TO nice to her. Find a mix in between Mrlegit.
  20. Also in high school, if you're looking for a serious relationship that's dumb. Just look for a girl to spend your time with and have fun until you have to break it up. (If you are going to) College is about enjoying life and interacting, (don't forget educating and preparing yourself too) and I know you're not in high school yet (8th right?) but still at the end of high school it doesn't really matter, in fact what my cousin did was at the last week of high school, he get trolling and asked a bunch of hot girls out, and it didn't matter if he got rejected. And guess what? He got 4 of their phone numbers, and 3 out of 4 he went out with. :) Also this is not my super long post, the reserved one will definitely be longer than this. :p