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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I decided to finally post a thread in the Empire Creativity place.
    This is a playlist of my compositions, posted on YouTube. They are not exceptionally great, but also not stupidly bad, I think. I like most of them.
    I started making these things in MuseScore, but later switched to GarageBand for iOS.
    The videos are sorted from newest to oldest, but as I like all of them, it shouldn't be like it keeps getting worse. My personal favourite is Two Personalities.
    I hope you'll take a listen at them and give me some feedback :)

    Edit: this OP is old, obviously, so some of these things don't apply anymore. You can still check it out, though. :) Also, I fixed the playlist to bring you to the start instead of to 'Fall Down', which was my most recent tune at the time of posting that, but is not not at all representative for what I do.
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  2. I uploaded something new :)

    Copied from the video's description:

    I made this in GarageBand, as always.
    I used the Arcade Synth keyboard and BitKits samples I downloaded.
    This was an assignment for school, called "Modern Minimalism". I had to create a song using only a few (self-created) loops. I used eight.
    The result: It's not too great, but I'm happy with it. I mean, this is the first time I tried such a thing, and I'm personally not really a fan of it. But it was nice to try for once.
    I had a great idea for the video, which I tried to implement, as you see, but it was just taking way too much time. After spending over an hour on it and being much less than 1/5th done, I figured I should just give up, because it was about the music anyway, and not about the graphics. It was a tough choice, but it was the best choice, I think.

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  3. Liking it, liking it! :D I also subscribed and saw your "Revolt" Videos. Keep of the good work! :)
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  4. :o Yay! :D I wonder how long you will stay subscribed to me... ;)
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  5. Hey everyone!

    This is from my newest upload:

    This was, once again, made in GarageBand. I used GarageBand instruments for it for a big part. I also used bird sounds from some site. I think I'm allowed to use them here. The rest of the sounds were recorded by me, using the sampler.
    This theme was composed for the Grassy Islands in Haiko's new GameMaker game. Look forward to more music composed for this game in the future. A semi-recent video about the game can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iomKcSKiu9A.

    I hope you like it :)

    Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IZ4UQHei6M&feature=youtu.be
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  6. "This is the first piece in a fairly long series. Last year two friends of mine made a 15-minute film about Operation Barbarossa. I helped them.
    This year I had to compose music for a movie, for an assignment.
    I chose to do it for their film. My friend born_ego, who was also the director on the film when it was originally made, wanted to help. I'll be uploading the soundtrack of that film.

    This is the music for the first scene, composed by me.
    One soldier is chasing another soldier, who stole his bread, while yet another solider is yelling at them."
    You'll be seeing more from this soundtrack in the future!
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  7. Copied from the description:
    "The second track from the soundtrack for the amateur movie that was made last year. Read the description of Ordinary Afternoon for more information about it.
    I should also add the entire soundtrack was made in GarageBand.
    In this scene Boudewijn gets halted by the officer, so Frank catches up to him. Frank tells the officer Boudewijn stole his bread, but Boudewijn throws it away to erase the evidence. The officer then tells them to get back to their work.
    These first few tracks are all relatively short, because they're made for short scenes, where the music shouldn't overlap too much."

    Link: http://youtu.be/TNfkvvLbSM4
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  8. Copied from the video's description:
    "And... the third track!
    I think this is actually one of the two shortest themes in the entire soundtrack, so you should expect some longer ones to still come.
    In this scene Boudewijn - while Frank's asleep - sees Hitler and an officer talk. The officer isn't really convinced by Hitler's plan, but Hitler thinks it can't fail. Frank misses all of this.
    Also, people who are familiar with the Klux music may recognise this track as a reference to Two Personalities."
    I'm honestly uploading these quicker than I expected! :)
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  9. "Finally, here is the next theme from the movie!
    As you see I didn't make an animation for it this time. I just didn't really feel like it. They weren't too good anyway ;)
    I'm actually not too fond of this one, but it does its job well as background music for the clips where it's used."

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  11. http://youtu.be/qthQfL2G8WU

    "After the long theme I uploaded yesterday, here's another short one from the Barbarossa soundtrack.
    Boudewijn dreams, and in his dream he kills three Russians. When he is the apparent victor, he walks down from his high-ground shooting place and is admired by two German girls.
    The second time this played, I let it's tone descend, which gives quite a cool effect on this theme. If you have time, you should try playing around with it in Audacity."
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  12. http://youtu.be/Odwjw26rQJg

    So, as you can read in the description beneath, this theme wasn't composed by me. I wonder, should I change the title of this thread or not?

    "As you can see in the picture, this theme wasn't actually composed by me, 607. This one is by born_ego, my friend! :D We did this assignment together, although I started alone. That's why all the themes I uploaded before were by me. Now a lot of born_ego's themes are going to come, and two more by me.
    Before this project born had only worked in Garageband like once or twice, so when we started he wasn't at all that experienced yet. He has great feel for music though, so he learnt and improved very quickly.
    This is not the first theme by him, by the way, although it is the first in chronological order of the movie.
    This theme was used for a part consisting of different clips, containing the officer talking with Boudewijn, Boudewijn and Frank nearly freezing to death, and the officer telling Frank and Boudewijn to raid a nearby town. That raiding scene is coming up next, and in my opinion it has quite a cool theme, so look forward to that!"
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  13. http://youtu.be/bRoxfSh9DXE

    "This tune was fully composed by born_ego. I don't think I helped him any bit with it. And I think it's great! :D
    I think this is actually one of my favourite pieces from the entire soundtrack, definitely. There are quite some cool techniques in it, that I've never been able to fully grasp, but he just did it!
    This is where Boudewijn and Frank go to raid the city. They approach a house, jump over the fence, and shoot the dog. They proceed to run inside, get as much as they can (also known as one blanket xD), and run away again.
    Then the residents walk out (I was the woman of the house ;)), and notice not only their stuff has been stolen, but their dog has also been killed. Tough luck!
    How do you like this theme? :)"
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  14. http://youtu.be/xXnDsBCYyVA
    "Ooh, eerie... ;)
    This plays when Stalin and two other people discuss tactics.

    Not too exciting, but definitely interesting and important."

  15. http://youtu.be/ht657VPdhwk

    "Another scene from Barbarossa!
    This theme was actually composed in a hurry (haha, in a hurry ;)).
    While born_ego and I were editing the music into the movie, we noticed we hadn't made anything for this scene yet.
    It's a simple scene, with mainly some announcements from the officer happening, and not much else. It's just a bit of calm before the storm.
    So we made something quick.
    Interestingly enough, I reversed it just for fun, and noticed it sounded cool. So we kept it that way. So in the movie this theme is reversed, but this upload has it the normal way. You could reverse this yourself, if you want."

  16. http://youtu.be/oXwT0bjy32E

    "This Barbarossa theme was also composed by born_ego.
    This is where the action really starts. First you see Frank warning the officer. Then Boudewijn kills a Russian soldier. Later Boudewijn is ambushed by another soldier, but Frank kills the Russian and saves him. Kind of difficult to explain if you haven't seen the movie :p"

    Edit: turns out I did something wrong, reupload is coming later.
  17. These all look very interesting!
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  18. "look"? It's music, you're supposed to listen :p
  19. Haha I mean the part that we can see when you link it
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  20. "When born_ego joined, at first he didn't really know what to do when trying to compose music. That's why I went over to his and we made something together. This is the result.
    This plays when the action really starts. I'm not going to go through the trouble (pun intended) explaining what's happening in this scene, when you can't see it anyway.
    By the way, this is a re-upload, as I uploaded this before, under the wrong name." http://youtu.be/0yhR6ev8Z8Q