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  1. So since either my internet is trolling me (not a surprise) or the Login servers are still trolling me and I keep getting BAD LOGIN, I figured I would pass the time with this thread. Sorry if it's been done, I just saw something like it on another forum for a game I used to play.

    What "noobie" things have you done when playing Minecraft/EMC or when first starting to play?

    When I first started playing, I made a single player world and it was on Peaceful but I was still paranoid creepers were going to come blow me up so every night I would block myself in and just stand there until the sun came up.

    I also lost my house when I wasn't very acquainted with my world and decided to sail off on an adventure. I finally got Rei's and just chucked my stuff in a chest, died and then sailed back to the chest and then back home.
  2. I used to love building bridges back in alpha and the absense of crouch cause me to die much too often! :(
  3. I don't really remember many noobie things but one thing was I didn't know how to fly in creative.
  4. When I first started playing I asked how to build a crafting table. My friend Shinlehra just laughed and my sister (Pandaseatramen) face palmed.
  5. In my first time that i played minecraft i was walking near some sheeps and saw some trees so i start to click a million times in the tree and the blocks didnt break, so i raged and log off, later on i read a wiki and it said just continue pressing the left button and i was like -_-
  6. Also i remember i founded an egg in the water and i was like WOOOW THIS IS AMAZING, and one day i lost it and i was like really REALLY sad xD
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  7. Rookie mistake 1: make gold pick.
    Rookie mistake 2: mine diamond ore with that pick.
  8. Also i learned that Eating raw chicken, gives you salmonella poisoning. Yet if I eat zombie flesh I am just fine. Because of Pandaseatramen i died from raw chicken my first time playing minecraft.
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  9. In one of my early single player worlds, I wasn't aware of the connection between light and mobs not spawning, so I tried digging a moat around my dirt castle to protect it. Obviously it didn't work, so I tried making the moat 3x3 instead of 2x2. When that didn't work, I made a second moat around the first one. A really big waste of time, especially considering how poorly the dirt castle was built.
    I didn't know that beds existed, nor their function; therefore I built a tunnel from the world spawn to my castle.
    Finally, I didn't know you could make/use buckets, so I tried to dig a canal from the ocean to my base - just like you would do on the beach of a real ocean. I was so confused.
    I deleted that world a long time ago :)
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  10. LOL. My friend had a world that was spheres. I chose a glass one near a sphere that had water in it and made a water slide/chute to make water run down and into my sphere to fill it and when it didn't fill I was confused. :)
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  11. I just remembered one. I stupidly ate a spider eye one day.
  12. Rookie mistake: Getting freaked out because I thought zombies were going to climb up the ladder in my mine-shaft back up to my house and eat me...
  13. Back in the old, old days on ZBS (long before EMC) I was amazed at one of my friends making a boat :eek: - there was no Minecraft Wiki then, or maybe I was just too thick to think that there might be!; before that I thought that being 100 or so blocks from spawn was right out in the wild :)
  14. I killed all my sheep to get there wool.......What are these shears you speak of? =P
  15. First started play minecraft about a year a go, and when I made my house, i was pretty good. But then one day I was walking around when I fell into a hole. The hole was dark, and that was the end of my SP adventures. :)
  16. I looked at an enderman first day I started playing. I then towered up and made a platform. Worst-decision-ever!
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  17. A friend and I started playing minecraft quite a time ago. The first thing I did was figure out how to set up a server so we could play on the same world. I cant recall any real mistake, as we were well aware of the wiki. Which even at this alpha point was around. But i know that first night we played, we brought in the soda, ordered 3 pizzas, and played Minecraft for a solid 50 hours. It was amazing. There was very little to show for what we actually did, but it was great.
  18. i used to build massive sand bridges, the thing is if you screw up the whole thing would fall. then i use to live in a cave never came out till i added an earth quake mod and the cave collapsed.
  19. I started playing MC around November/December. I didn't find out about the shift key until June.
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  20. When I started playing, I had no idea how to do anything.
    So I went on the Wiki.

    While I was looking at a "first day" tutorial, I was unaware that a crafting table didn't pause the game.
    I realized this shortly after I exploded.
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