Jug-Epic Supply Company

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  1. how much is a dc of sandstone?
  2. When my order is done, please tell me on my profile :)
  3. Look at the catalog, then fill out the Google form to order. xHaro_Der, you do have to choose a priority. I'm about to set up an order tracker thread for you guys, as currently we are still trying to sort out who's going to do what.
  4. Dragonhalk your order is complete. Please pay and pick up at 4323.
  5. Payed, I'll pick up ASAP
  6. I ordered four items Frome your form thingy It is so easy.
  7. Priority = glowstone, 2nd = clay, 3rd = sandstone, 4th = nether brick, the rest is low-profile and do it after my priorities :)
  8. Did you pay motorburn?
  9. I payed jug
  10. Okay
  11. I sent 3 forms in (I think that's how I'm supposed to order multiple items). I'm not really keen on checking this thread every-time someone posts, could you please PM me/post on my wall or tag my name? Thanks :)
  12. Suggestion, add emeralds :p
  13. Ordered 1 DC Glass- But I'm in the wild on SMP2. I there any possibility of delivery? Otherwise I'll just come to town.
  14. Currently closed from taking new orders while we work on the numerous orders we have received. I have also modified the order form so it is easier to understand what you can and cannot order, but please DO NOT order anything again until we give you the okay to do so.
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  15. DemonThunder, the items you ordered are completely invalid, they are basically spamming our orders spreadsheet that boozle and myself maintain. I am also setting up an order tracker on the reserved 2nd post that I made, and as of now I am only putting down orders that are valid as of now (priority listed, complete cost listed are required for your order to be considered valid, it is also valid if you only ordered one item). If you haven't done one of those two things, I suggest you re-order it through the order form, otherwise I am pretty sure we will not work on your order for a while considering we don't know what you consider the most important of those items, since we can't handle doing at least 40 different orders so quickly.
  16. Do initial orders still stand? How would they be prioritized?
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  17. Initial orders stand if you either PM me what your priority is or you re-order it through the form, making sure you fill in the blank that asks you what your priority is of those items.
  18. Can I cancel my order? I don't have enough rupees
  19. Ok, order canceled.