Jug-Epic Supply Company

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  1. On a first note, please read everything if you are interested in ordering a product. We don't want any misunderstanding regarding how orders work, so please make sure you read this entire thread. Thanks. :)

    Hey everyone! If you have read my signature as of late, you may have gotten the hint that this was coming! Anyways, I and my staff have founded our supply company, currently called Jug-Epic Supplies (this company was inherited by me and boozle628 from the remnants of Epic Inc., which was managed by EpicMinerMan321). So, without further ado, pull down the spoiler to see the catalog, with order limits and prices added to it.

    Catalog is managed by KilledDallos.
    Logs: 60 r per stack, order limit of 1 DC.
    1.7 Logs (not introduced yet): 70 r per stack, order limit of 1 SC.
    Brick Block: 250 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Clay Block: 150 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Hardened Clay: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Sand: 45 r per stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Sandstone: 85 r per stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Glass: 60 r per stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Cobblestone: 10 r stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Stone: 15 r stack, order limit 1 DC.
    Netherrack: 10 r stack, order limit 2 DC.
    Nether Brick: 40 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Wool (Any Type): 70 r stack, order limit 1 SC.
    Paper: 5 r per stack, order limit of 3 SC.
    Saddle: 150 r per unit, order limit 9 units.
    Glowstone: 400 r per stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Coal: 70 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Redstone: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Iron: 250 r stack, order limit 9 stacks.
    Emerald: 20 r unit, max order 3 stacks.
    Exp Bottles: 120 r stack, order limit 6 stacks.
    Wheat: 15 r stack, max order 1 SC.
    Melon Slice: 5 r stack, max order 1 SC.
    Diamond Tools: We do tools!! On the order form, please fill out in the type box what you want if interested, you can order as many tools as you want that add up to 12 Diamond's worth of tools, price per Diamond is 45 r.

    Key (credit for text-stock idea goes to the company who did this before me :p):
    Green=Medium-High Stock (order will probably take no more than two weeks to complete).
    Yellow=Low Stock (order may take a minimum of 10 days to complete).
    Red=No stock (if you find a product on here that is labeled as red than please do not order it!!).

    Additional Information:
    Order form-Please order on the following Google form, make sure you read it carefully and fill out everything that you need for us to understand what you want! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TLY-IA1PjiBlCFfxne2OMZUX9CJqeA-IQV2c8Thz854/ Note that you must answer every question on the form for your order to be considered valid! Also regarding the order form: Please fill out an order form for each item that you want (1 product per order), it makes it easier for us to divide our tasks among our employees, and please don't order any more than three times at one sitting until all of your orders are done, we recommend that being smart about what you order will result in good collaboration between the customer and us. :)
    Ordering Process and Pickup (managed by FirstJugBurgerz)-All orders are currently collected on Res 5334 on Utopia, so this is where you can pick up your order. When you get there, look for the little room made of Sandstone that has your name on an access sign. After entering, you can then purchase the items using the chest shop in your room. DO NOT sell to the chest in your room, if it's somehow possible. Deliveries can also be made with no additional cost if insisted on by the customer. Your order should be completed no later than three weekends after the order is made. The time your order should take largely depends on the employees available and the size of your order. We will re-post on this thread when your entire order is complete. If you are curious about the progress of your order, the order tracker on the post below will lead you in the right direction as to how long your order might take. IMPORTANT: We will temporarily shut down when the order tracker fills up to a maximum of 15 orders, we will then reopen when the amount of these orders has dropped down to 5, if this is the case we shouldn't be shut down for any longer than 10-14 days. Also, a restriction we have regarding orders though is that you please Do Not Put Deadlines In Orders. We run on a first-come-first-serve basis, and if your massive order is taking a little longer than usual (I consider usual 10-14 days) because we are worked up with other orders, please look at the order tracker below and see what kind of orders are on there before you start to hash us out for not getting your order done at the speed of light :p. Thanks for your cooperation on this everyone.
    Catalog Changes- In order to increase stock flow and just make life easier for us all in general, we have decided that we may, at any time, remove items from our catalog to either restock those items or get new items into the system, and we may also do this to experiment with the profits we're getting. We probably will put that item back in the catalog at some point though, for those of you who are looking forward to ordering a particular product, and all current orders for a product that has been taken on the catalog are still valid and are being worked on.
    Voiding orders- Voiding orders only takes place if a certain order is not paid for two weekends after it is re-posted on the thread. If you realize that you won't be able to pay for the order or don't want it, etc., please cancel the order by posting on this thread or PM Boozle and me.

    Hiring Information: We are not in horrible need of employees as of now. If we start receiving massive orders, however, I will edit this part of the thread stating that we are in need.
    Current staff:
    EpicMinerMan321- Original Founder; boozle628, MotorBurn- Co-Owners; FirstJugBurgerz- Co-Owner/Order Processing and Finances Manager; KilledDallos- Catalog and Order Validations Manager; zh88, levyhalmen, Ark_Warrior1- Current Employees.
    Shall I say no more, happy ordering! ;)
  2. Official Order Tracker for Jug-Epic Supplies. Will be refreshed weekly.

    Example: In-Game Name, Item, Employee Assigned, Status (In progress, Awaiting Pick-Up Room/Awaiting Pick-Up, N/A if status is unknown at time that I'm editing), Cost of order; Voided will be added if 7 days haven't passed since order was finished.

    1. gollark8, Dark Logs, FirstJugBurgerz, Not started, 1080 r.
    2. Netherworld666, Glass, Ark_Warrior1, Awaiting Pick-Up, 1620r.
    3. MrUnknownian, Exp Bottles, zh88, Awaiting Pick-Up, 630 r.
    5. Akela132, Glass, FirstJugBurgerz, Awaiting Pick-Up, 640 r.
    6. SuperVal_Junior, Exp Bottles, KilledDallos, Awaiting Pick-Up, 630 r.
    7. xHaro_Der, Acacia Logs, Waiting, 1890 r.
    8. xHaro_Der, Glowstone, boozle628, 3600 r.
    9. neonkillah, Stone, FirstJugBurgerz, 810 r.
    10. ZandertheChamp, Acacia/Dark Oak Logs, Waiting, 3780 r.
    11. MrUnknownian, Oak Logs, Awaiting Pick-Up, 3240 r.
    12. Aquazzz, Glowstone, boozle628, 400 r.
    13. SuperVal_Junior, Glowstone, boozle628, 3600 r.
    14. SuperVal_Junior, Clay Block, Waiting, 1350 r.
    15. sambish20, Logs, KilledDallos, 6480 r.

    Note: We will most likely temporarily shut down once we reach 15 orders, we will then reopen once we are down to 5 or so orders that still need to be worked on. The orders listed above have not been sorted into chronological order as to when they will be worked on, only that these are the only clear orders that we are sure of that we will be working on for a while. Thanks for your cooperation on this, and from now on please read the order form carefully so no order mix-ups will happen, everything that needs to be edited on the order form has been edited. Thanks, hope this helps. :)
  3. Ill take a DC of sandstone and a DC of sand please :)
    Cost is 2700r and will be paid once order is confirmed
  4. Ok thanks, yours and xHaro_Der's (ordered on site) have been accepted.
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  5. 1 SC 0f each type of log
    DC of sandstone
    2 DC of cobble
    DC of sand
    1 DC of paper

    9 Stacks of exp bottles
    Sent order on google thing!
  6. Great, might wanna check again I sent 6 more orders just now lol. Also with the item limits, can we order more after some time? Like if we order a DC of something with a DC limit, when would be allowed to order another DC?
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  7. I'm guessing its when you get your first order of that item
  8. -order-
    Thanks! :)
    EDIT: Sorry, saw online order form.
  9. Guys, if you look at the order form on the Google Doc, it specifically says "Only order one item at a time." That means do not order anymore items until the first order has been finished! If you have multiple usernames, then we accept an order from each username, but not six orders in one post.
    One order=One product.
  10. Oh.. I sent in a seperate form for each item I wanted :/
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  11. It's ok, just be aware that we are in no way are we going to be able to get 20 orders done in 21 days. Might as well just put new orders on hold for a little while.
  12. Will all my orders still be done?
  13. Yes, in like a year :p. If you consider my usual for one individual product/order as 14 days, that should give you an idea on how long it will take.
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  14. sorry just occidentally put cobble and sandstone on the same google thing but I want sandstone
  15. Ok, Sandstone order accepted.
  16. Ok, really everyone, I am only accepting one order at a time. It looks like the trending product is Sandstone at the moment, so that's what I'm working on, plus any oddball easy products I can get as well. As for logs and clay and other major-work-required blocks, I would highly suggest you cancel those orders for now, because you may not see them finished in a year or two. :p
  17. My order of an sc of spruce logs has been placed
  18. wow you must have at least 100k of orders by now :p
  19. if I were you I would say you need workers :p
  20. Is 8 not enough?