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  1. got like 100k-200k of orders I'm guessing I've spent 21k and everyone else has done about the same
  2. Feel free to order the iron, glowstone, and redstone again. I am not sick so I can get recourses again.
  3. how much is redstone and glowstone not on the list?
  4. I'll edit those prices in, but everyone, I'm only going to accept 1 product from your orders right now (as stated on the order form). So if you ordered multiple items in one order, please respond with your priority order out of those things, because I want everyone's orders to be fulfilled as quickly and smoothly as possible. We will keep track of other orders made the people who sent in multiple orders, but we will not work on them until everyone's orders composing of just one product or the priority orders are completely finished first. Thanks for your cooperation. :)
  5. if we had multiple orders and the ones that get left behinds prices change do we still get the original price?
  6. As jug said, we can't do 20 orders in 3 weeks. Please consider that.
  7. Sandstone is my most needed
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  8. sorry yes I know but I mean say I order an SC of logs for 1,080r but by the time its done prices have gone up to say 2,000r will I pay the price of the time I ordered at or the new price?
  9. My exp bottles are most needed :) Thanks guys
  10. Haven't thought that far ahead yet, trust me I'll be back with answers tomorrow morning.
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  11. ok thanks do you have like a page with all the orders on(even multiple orders)? if so just still do it in that order after the first orders from everyone have been done :)
  12. I'll make an entire new thread tomorrow with sole purpose of people being able to track the progress of their orders, I'm abandoning the stock guide thing I had planned for utopia.
  13. ok how many 1st orders do you have?
  14. 9 stacks of XP bottles for 540 rupees. Order is set on google docs. Will pay once order is confirmed and all :D
  15. Note: we will not unexpectedly change prices, like some other supply companies do. We will warn you before prices change so we can scheduel your order before the price increase.
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  16. my priority is the 9 stacks of exp bottles please
  17. Resubmitted form, priority is glass.
    Also, if I were to pay a higher rate, could I request more per order?
  18. Do I have to choose a priority too? You told me all of mine would be finished so I don't know if mine applies to this.
  19. If that's what he told you, that's what he will do.