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is this a good idea of the /job command function?

yes 19 vote(s) 86.4%
no (explain why in a reply) 3 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. /job list [page#] -- shows a whole list of jobs available on the server you are currently on

    /job apply [#] -- sends a notification to the person wanting to hire

    /job apps -- shows list of players wanting to take the job and shows how long they have been on EMC since their first sign-in to show trustworthiness

    /job hire [#] sends a notification to the person wanting to work that they have been hired

    /job user -- shows what jobs you have created

    /job user delete [name] -- deletes the job from the list if you don't want to hire anyone anymore

    /job add [name] [amount of people] [pay] [expiration time]

    ex. /job add digging out my res 10 100000 9

    "digging out my res" is the title
    "10" is the amount of people you want to hire
    "100000" is the pay
    "9" is the amount of hours given to complete the job

    when all the slots for your job are filled, your job is not shown on the list because it is full, and if someone takes too long to finish their job past the expiration time, they are automatically fired and notified.

    /job complete [#] -- sends a notification to the person they were working for and notifies that they have finished their job (# is necessary because you can multiple jobs)

    /job complete confirm -- is typed by the job hirer and confirms that the job has been finished AND automatically pays the worker

    /job fire username reason-- if necessary, you can fire a user and they will be notified

    doing multiple jobs on multiple servers is not recommended!!
  2. I love this idea.
  3. Pick on Le Ted I see >.> but I lie the idea :D
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  8. That is so cool! :D
  9. lol I didnt know this code xD [username]

  10. Dunno if anyone except Britain know Lord Alan Sugar :p (if not google 'the apprentice')
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  12. At first I thought there was a hole conversation going on about me
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