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  1. hello all,
    I have just (or a week ago :D ) discovered how to put photos in my post, and I'm Always giveing that much "commentary" on other photos. that I can't not show my own photos so... here they are:

    thease are all I like... above is older and down is newer.
  2. forgot: all photos are ALL richts reserved
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  9. guess what I want to say :p
  10. Wow, very nice!
    I absolutely love the last one.
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  11. All rights reserved*

    Also your images have that even without you putting it. Ignore anyone who comes out with the "its under public domain now" stuff, as they're lying. Copyright will hold no matter where you post it. The only way someone can use your image is if you post it to their site and their ToS says you're giving them some special licence.

    But on a nicer note; love the photographs! They look amazing! Keep it up :)
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  13. I really like the top one, has kind of a fantasy book feel to it owo It really draws your eye to the path, which is nice ^^
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