I've returned!

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  1. Hey all, it's JustinGuy, and I've returned to EMC! I've seen the great things that have been done here recently, and have decided to rejoin this amazing community. I will be working with Aikar and the Dev team to bring out some new and exciting updates, two of which are Dragon Tombs and 1.8! (Finally!) I also hear that there's a memorial for me, so I'll be checking that out, and maybe even give the contributors a little something ;)

  2. yayyayyayyay
  3. Quick question regarding JustinGuy:
    If he ever comes back, will he have as much power as a normal player or become an ultra-person with powers?
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  4. Welcome back, Justin! It's Aikar. :D
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  5. April Fools lol
  6. My guess is a normal player. However, I wouldn't doubt senior staff in the first month or two.
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  7. Well if he returns, I would like to meet him, as I don't know him at all. :)
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  8. Same, I feel like JustinGuy is more and more becoming a legend :p
  9. My interactions with JG:

    He PM'd me 1 message
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