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  1. So about three months ago, I got another alternate account, iUlti. iUlti is the name of my company, and will serve the community of SMP8, as well as others from other SMPs with several free or low-priced services.

    What's planned for the company is a mall, hotel, and business headquarters. This thread will be the official news thread for my company, which is known as iUlti.

    I've been working slowly on the development of the mall within the past months (June and July). I am proud to announce that we at Ulti Inc. are resuming the development of the mall and other iUlti services.

    Read the progress of the mall so far!

    6/17/14: The starting of the mall's construction - this is also the day I reached 1,000,000r
    6/22/14: The second floor is now finished
    6/23/14: The third floor is now finished
    7/23/14: The new plans for the mall were put into place. The plan is to destroy the current mall and rebuild it with a more vivid and modern theme. The building style was also too bland
    7/25/14: The third and fourth floors of the iUlti Mall were demolished
    7/26/14: The mall will be completely demolished
    7/27/14: The iUlti mall has been completely demolished
    7/28/14: Construction of the new mall has been started
    7/29/14: A part of the mall has been built! This includes parts of the entrance and one wall
    7/31/14: Another wall has been built
    8/3/14: Construction of the largest wall has been started
    8/4/14: The largest wall has been finished and the final wall has been planned
    8/5/14: All four walls have been put up
    8/8/14: All four walls have been completed
    8/11/14: Part of the entrance has been finished and the first floor is now being built with its walls and decorations
    8/12/14: The second floor has been completed
    8/29/14: The third floor has been completed
    10/11/14: The entrance has been decorated; the circle at the spawn has been edited to make it look more like a circle
    10/12/14: The right-side part of the mall has been changed up to edit the other side of the mall in look and style
    10/17/14: The last floor of the mall is being finished up; circular skylights have been added
    10/20/14: The last floor of the mall has been completed - only the roof remains unfinished
    10/29/14: The mall's roof (and building) is now completed; all there is left to do is decorate and stock the chests after placing them
    11/4/14: Elevator construction has been started
    11/13/14: All of the chests have been set up. Shops need to be set up and stocked; the appearance of the mall also needs a couple of improvements before the mall can be opened on December 5th. We are ahead of the schedule, if that exists
    11/13/14: The chest shops are being created and being stocked
    12/23/14: GRAND OPENING
    5/1/15: More lights have been added because some areas within the mall were dark
    5/10/15: 1.8 items have been added
    8/5/15: Cobblestone prices have been permanently reduced to 24r/stack
    9/17/15: More stone and cobblestone shops have been added
    10/13/15: New stock standards have been implemented, and items will begin to be stocked up to those standards
    11/16/15: Exterior glass renovations have begun
    11/22/15: Exterior glass renovations have been finished
    11/22/15: Interior glass renovations have begun
    11/22/15: Interior glass renovations have been finished
    11/22/15: Entrance renovations have begun
    11/23/15: Entrance renovations have been completed
    11/24/15: Beacons are now available within the store
    11/24/15: Two new item sections and pillars have been added: redstone utilities and enchanted books. Two other section pillars have been added: tuqueque's Economy Destroyer and tuqueque's banner store
    11/25/15: Sea lanterns have now replaced most of the glowstone within the mall
    12/21/15: The enchanted books section has been opened
    1/5/2017: Quartz blocks are now available at the store

    Estimated Construction Finish: November 1st, 2014
    -----------Construction Finished October 29th, 2014 at 10:02pm EMC Daylight Time
    Estimated Grand Opening: December 5th, 2014 at 7pm EMC Time
    -----------Grand Opening: December 23rd, 2014 at 5pm EMC Time
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  2. I wished I would have tracked progress on my Tri-Res theme park I'm making...
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  3. If you have good memory, you could, :D or you could just guess. :p
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  4. I'll just start now with the start of the my second pixel art on the second res of the theme park...
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  5. Before:
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  6. 8/4/14
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  7. Man i couldn't help to notice that huge building behind it both buildings popped up at the same time lol
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  8. Sell me iron! I only have one iron ingot left! I need iron blocks to build the mall :) any help would be appreciated :D sell iron for 3r per ingot at 16097 on smp8.
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  9. Thank you, everyone. Enough iron has been sold/donated to me for the mall. I should mention the users Luckygreenbird and SSRCcorp for donating/selling the most iron to me :D

    We managed to complete the mall's walls (hopefully five floors will be enough)! There are still lots of things to do and we are nowhere near finished! Thanks to everybody for supporting us and we hope you guys will continue to support us in the future!
  10. 8/11/14: We have finished part of the entrance and the first floor is now being built with its walls and decorations

    I'm finally using my DC of quartz blocks!

    Here's the entrance so far:

    Now here is floor-filling progress:

    High view:
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  11. This screenshot would look much, much better if Aikar allowed more than four chunks of render distance in the town.

    And I also like to build like this:
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  12. Again i can't stand to notice the two sky scrapers beside it all three buildings are looking FABULOUS though SMP8 shall turn into a great server with many great skyscrapers
  13. bump and a new picture
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  14. I see you just happened to build next to SSRC Headquarters on smp8. SSRC will rule the smp8 economy! I hope you do well! :)
  15. Bump! I'll go mining for quartz when I'm not so busy with school soon. That means iUlti will have more quartz to use.
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  16. Construction will be delayed for at least two days. I'll be sure to get this building up and running before Halloween!
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  17. If I finish my mall before you, then I'll rule smp8 :p
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  18. I'm gonna try and finish all the floors before September 10th.. I just got the third floor finished. This building has used up about 1.5 DCs of quartz blocks so far
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