It's been a while EMC

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  1. Wow, it really has been a while. Over 6 months right? o.o
    First of all, yes, I am back earlier than I thought... I don't know why I said August-September... I forgot that Year 11's leave earlier than everyone else, quite a lot earlier actually by the looks of it ^^'
    I hope at least a few people remember me, it hasn't been that long, right? (only half a year....)

    If you don't know me, then hi! I'm Alice ^^ I'm a self-taught digital artist with a slight obsession with foxes and forum sites :confused: I'm almost 16, and I'm hopefully taking Game Concept Design in college, starting in September! I enjoy roleplaying, and making pretty threads owo Although I haven't done it in a while... I take art requests, but not currently as I have 20+ still outstanding (I'm hoping to get them finished very soon!). I love Markiplier, NerdCubed and Sp4zie, my dream is to meet all of them at some point c: I play League of Legends almost everyday, and I've recently started playing TERA and Heroes of the Storm.
    But that's enough of talking about myself I think xD

    How has everybody been?!
    A little birdy told me that our lovely Dwight has been promoted, my late congrats! ^^
    A little birdy also told me that some old players have come back, which I'm ecstatic about talking to again!
    My little birdy for the past 6 months has been 607 ; w ; You're a good friend Sixx, and I couldn't ask for anyone better!

    I've felt empty over the past few months, and I finally feel like I'm home again c: Some where I actually feel comfortable in...! It's so good to be back, I just hope everyone else feels the same way xD

    Enough with the soppy happy Alice stuff, I've got big hopes for the next few months! ^^

    Things I need to finish:
    - All old requests (in the hope of taking new ones, but in a more organised manner)
    - What if the EMC Staff... (already in progress, I've got a lot to share!)

    Things I need to do/open:
    - Interest Check
    - Organised Request/Commision Page
    - Testing Thread (to test things, instead of opening many)

    Can someone update me on:
    - Any new artists or writers?
    - Anything I need to/should I know
    - 'Old' members that are still here -- Check the list please, are you still here? Are they back?
    (Long list incoming, I still haven't mastered spoilers)
    I'm so sorry if I don't include you or if I get your name wrong, my memory is very rusty ^^' Many will be nicknames, because I simply can't remember any full names... :c
    (?) = I'm totally not sure about the names
    - Palmsugar
    - Kephras
    - Sambish
    - Wisepsn
    - The Apostrophe
    - 72Volt
    - DjKrazy (?)
    - Piggy
    - Equinox
    - Brickstrike
    - Penfoldex
    - NetherSpectre
    - Bitemenow
    - Torian
    - PandasEatRamen (?)
    - AnonReturns (?)
    - MrLegitIsLegit (?)

    I think that's it!

    Thanks for reading Empire, it's good to be back c:

    Edit: Wowow, what's with the crab on the logo? xD
  2. Welcome back Alice, it's great to see you again! :)
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  3. Yay, awesome!
    Got to love the new logo skills ;)
    Wow, thanks for the mention, that made me quite happy c: (quite very very happy)
    Ah, what if the EMC staff... it's been long since hearing any updates on that!

    For the list(I'll tell what I know about the people forum-wise, as I've been hardly ever in-game):
    Palm is quite busy, but I'm sure she'll be there for you if you message her.
    Kephras still posts his super-thoughtful posts.
    Sambish helped me out a month ago, so I'd say he's here still.
    Wisepsn... don't really know. Can't remember having seen him lately.
    The Apostrophe: well... hashhog will be able to tell you more about that one, I think ;)
    72Volt gets on the forums occasionally to share his interesting ideas, and has been doing that EMC president thing lately (samsimx is our president now)
    I'm still seeing Dj__Krazy every now and then.
    Piggy? The pig with the complicated name (X_I_LIKE_A_PIG_X or something like that)? Unfortunately I haven't really seen him around. I do miss him.
    Same for Equinox_Boss. He's been liking on occasion, but not really any posts.
    I told you about brickstrike's thread saying he's back. I haven't talked to him much since though.
    Penfoldex. I don't think I've seen him either, like wisepsn.
    Netherspecter. Idem. This could be just me, but I certainly haven't engaged with him in months.
    Bite is still posting his weird posts :p
    Torian... I haven't seen him in a really long while, I think, so I'd say no.
    PandasEatRamen, another one I've been missing.
    Anon is definitely still here, both on the forums and in-game.
    Legit has only been posting in his own threads lately. You could check out his threads, he wrote a rant some time ago explaining why.

    Phew, that took some time!
    Got to go back to work now ;)
    I'm looking forward to seeing you more often again!
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  4. Thanks Sixx!
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  5. Whoo, welcome back Alice! Great to have another old member return :)
    Yeah, I'm still here :p
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  6. Welcome back Alice! I remember you, glad to see you returning. :)
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  7. welcome back
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  8. Oh hey I made the list :) Welcome back Alice!
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  9. Welcome back! It's always great to see players come back :)
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  10. Welcome back, Alice! :D We've missed you and your art so much! :)
    xI_LIKE_A_PIGx left ages ago, unfortunately. I think Penfoldex does a bit of LLO stuff, but I could be wrong. Netherspecter is still here a lot ingame, but not as active on the forums. As for TheApostrophe, I am TheApostrophe. :p I revealed my identity a few months ago, so he's not much more active than another alt anymore, though I still use him to make the occasional grammatical post. :p
    This must've started after you left (February, I think), but every month the logo changes to a new theme based on the month. :) In February it had a little row of hearts, in March it had a rainbow and a pot of gold, in April it had something that for whatever reason I can't remember, in May it had water splashing around it, and now it's this. :)
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  11. Thanks everyone!

    Ooo, nice new glasses Mr Bird

    Go away Prince xD
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  12. Im on the list!!! Piggy left us but still throws pork in donation chests sometimes
  13. Welcome back! You probably don't know me, but I just joined Empire forums a few months ago ;) I'm an artist....I think :confused: I like to draw animals. I'm looking forward to see you more often! :D
  14. Sad to hear that Piggeh is gone... :c

    Thank you! I don't think I know you, but it's great to see someone new ^^
    Oooo, artist owo Can I see some of your art?
    You'll probably see me around, I'm on Smp4, like your mega mall ^^
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  15. *Yey*

    You're back!

    I remember you >.>
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  16. OMG YES! smp4!! :D Do you have any social media apps? Like Instagram? Or maybe Skype? I can send you a picture there...but the forums won't let me :( Thanks for visiting my mall :) it's still in the process xD.
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  17. So many people I've forgotten to put on the list, sorry! >-<

    I remember you as well! You and your Doctor Who :p
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  18. Uhmm... I have Skype, but I can't get on it until late tomorrow ^^' I have Kik?
  19. Welcome back to EMC. I think I remember you ;)