It seems EMC needs 3 more staff members ;)

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  1. Hi gang!

    I, uhm, did something :D

    So I have this flat sandstone ("redstone") world where I experiment, build / copy stuff and where I preserve stuff. I often use it to test things out which I either plan to use on my singleplayer or LAN games or on the Empire.

    Basically it's a world which really shows the kind of stuff I'm working / playing with. But there was something missing :)

    Owners at the top, devs. on the left, senior in the middle, and staff below.

    It started out with the idea to preserve some items; specifically the starter items, voter armor and voter tools (not all of them, I skipped the hoe's, shears and voting rod). Then I got carried away and that resulted in what you can see above :)

    It's actually 2-sided ;)

    I was planning on a full copy, but then decided that this would also work ;)

    Now, if you look closely at the first picture you'll see that there are 3 empty spots on the right. So yeah, I rest my case. I think these highly professional study results speak for themselves ;)
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  2. Wow. I didn't realize there's that much moderators. Is that on stage? :p Just add the moderator's alts. The boulder, etc. Elfin carrot.. Jk ;) Or leave a 3 block space in the middle on the bottom row.
  3. New month means new notice which might mean new staff? :p
  4. The 'C' could be a block thinner, and then we'd only need one more staff member.

    Alright, fine, I'll re-apply. :rolleyes:
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  5. hes not on the build team its on his own private world
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  6. Maybe you, Shel should be a mod. Just a crazy idea.
  7. I don't see IcecreamCow.
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  8. and Justin guy :rolleyes:
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  9. Why not just move the bottom row 2 blocks to the right making empty spot at both ends?
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  10. Update

    Thanks for the tips, and you guys are fully right of course: how could I forget the original founders? After all, the whole idea behind this thing is a bit of an advertisement. So here's an update:

    Version 2.0, now with original founders and lava moat! :)

    I did something else....

    Sharing is caring so is the saying I believe, so here's how to get this EMC tribute into your own world! Note: you need Minecraft 1.10 (or higher) for this to work because I used the new structure blocks :D I optimized the building, the command blocks which give you the starting and voter items wrap underneath the building, so the size is pretty small.

    How to get this into your world
    • Download the structure file here.
    • Go to your saves folder, find the world where you want to add this and create the folder "structures" if it doesn't exist already. Then copy the file into the folder:
    Structures folder, with the emc_tribute...
    • Give yourself a structure block: /give @p structure_block.
    • Place it, put it in 'load' mode and enter the following name: emc_tribute.
      • After placing right click to open the interface, then click the 'D' icon until it says 'L' (see below).
      • Experiment with the coordinates, but make sure to set y to -4!
    Beware of: y -4 (middle number)!
    • Click 'LOAD' and exit the screen, you should see an outline which will show you where the tribute will be placed:
    • If things aren't right open the interface (right click), change the coordinates and click 'Done', the outline will now change its position. Optionally you can also experiment with the buttons at the bottom (0,90,180, etc. and the |). These allow you to rotate and mirror the structure.
    • When you're satisfied open the interface and click 'LOAD' again.
    Please ignore the time & village notifications ;)

    Congratulations, your Minecraft world is now EMC enhanced :cool:

    What do those buttons do?!

    The 'iron button' gives you the starters gear, the 'golden button' the voters armor and the 'diamond button' gives you the voters gear. Don't expect any fancy colorful names though! It's all vanilla so you'll get regular cyan names (indicates enchantments) and purple lore.

    However, it does mimic the tools which includes the voters gear being unbreakable (but not soulbound ;)).

    Even so, I kinda like having this around in my own worlds, because it heavily reminds me how awesome playing on EMC is. And well, maybe you even get some of your friends interested this way, who knows!

    Hope you'll enjoy this!
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  11. What if I want to be in the Senior Staff area instead of the Dev. Or both?
  12. Then I probably got a problem :D

    But something tells me that changing this shouldn't be much of an issue for you.

    PS: But maybe I can release version 3.0 with that change applied though ;)
  13. First and final bump :)

    According to my logs this gizmo has been downloaded 26 times and I hope you guys had fun with this. In fact, combined with the structure blocks it also gave me an idea for an upcoming website section :)

    I hope you all enjoyed!