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  1. Creature Capture: July 19th at 3 pm EMC time!
    Krysyy sneaked onto the games server and stole the Creature Capture arena!
    The fun and mayhem starts anew on Sunday, July 19 at 3 pm EMC time at /v creaturecapture on smp5.
    For those that don't know what in the universe Krysyy is speaking about:
  2. First

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  3. Second!

    Awesome Game!
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  4. When you steal something, it's usually not smart to immediately front-page your crime. Just FYI.
  5. Sounds like fun
  6. I should hopefully be able to make it, nice! See y'all then, looks good ;)
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  7. I'm sort of good at this... This will be interesting...
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  8. Yes!

    EDIT: 9th! +9
  9. Ill do my best to be there!
  10. Can't wait
  11. Think of hungry hungry hippos thats the game xD.
  12. Cool, good luck and hopefully I can see it soon in person! :)
  13. 9th if you are counting replies as the original post counts as #1
  14. Never played this before. This'll be interesting. :D
  15. It wasn't immediate =P
    And btw it's already on the server if you do want to visit it.
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  16. kyrssy is takeing over EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
  17. You just ninja'd me