Is this mining or farming?

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Grabbing a grass block from the waste is...

Poll closed Jul 12, 2016.
Mining! 18 vote(s) 51.4%
Farming! 5 vote(s) 14.3%
Too much effort to vote on! 12 vote(s) 34.3%
  1. Hi gang!

    So Tom and me got talking. I'm -19 minutes away from bedtime and he reminded me that collecting chorus from your residence isn't exactly mining, which I was planning to do today. SO... I grabbed my silk pick, ran out into the wastelands and got myself this:

    2 grass blocks, straight from the wastelands!

    I think you can see where this is going ;) So what is it? Farming or Mining?
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  2. We demand a "both" option!
    And by "we" I mean me!
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  3. Clearly farming. :p
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  4. Gotta say this, Thug Life.. I dont know why, but I say Farming :)
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  5. This is pretty much the opposite of farming. I hesitate to call it "mining", exactly, but I will if it's the only other option.

    You've really accomplished a lot today, clearly. Feel good about that, dude.
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  6. I say Faning! Or something like that..

    Its late okay?!
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  7. Chorus is a plant so farming. The tool a farmer uses is up to his creativity
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  8. It's actually digging, if you will.
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  9. Chopping, would be the better term :p
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  10. Apparently this is mining. Or maybe this is one huge conspiracy: maybe the players who voted "can't be bothered to vote" were actually planning to vote for "mining" but couldn't find the right option :D

    I do indeed! Digging, I mean: mining dirt with a pickaxe, even though silky, was a very rough job. Especially with Tom watching my every move :)
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  11. Well it did take me some time before I could watch you every move, as I first couldn't find you :p
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  12. Farming: the activity or business of growing or harvesting crops and raising livestock.
    Mining: the process or industry of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine.
    I guess technically you are harvesting grass, so farming. Even so in the dirt connected to the grass there are minerals so you are obtaining minerals as well and thus mining. Technically you are doing both at the same time by taking a block of grass.
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  13. But it's not on a farm of any kind; it's just out on the plains. There's a difference between a grass farm and just some wild grass. If he replaced the grass blocks he took with dirt for new grass to grow on, in an at least semi-renewable way, or if he had set it up for that grass to grow initially, then maybe it would be a "harvest" of some kind.

    I would actually call what he did "gathering". As in, what a "hunter-gatherer" would do, in contrast to agriculture. You can go out and pick wild berries and bring them back to your home, until there are no wild berries left, and it's not farming like growing your own berry crop would be.

    By the way, since it feels like some might've been misled, the poll and the question are about the two grass blocks, not the chorus fruit, so keep that in mind.

    I know, I'm spending far too long on this, but whatever; it's la- well, actually, it's pretty early. :p
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  14. I would call it gathering too, but that wasn't the question.
  15. Gathering? No, I don't play Magic the Gathering, so it surely can't be that :p
  16. its farming:
    1. In videogames, collecting a certain item (usually a currency) in order to power one's character up.

    2. In Maple Story, killing monsters for mesos and items to sell.

    3. (Although it is quite obscure) In Call Of Duty, when one lures other players to oneself and camps in order to take in a massive amount of kills. Usually some type of SMG or MG is required for this farming.
    1a. I powered my Soma up in Dawn of Sorrow by farming a bunch of bat and golem souls.
    1b. My Dante is teh shit after I farmed a couple dozen hundred red orbs.

    2. D00d! You're a total farmer with those Stiff Feathers and Horny Blue Mushroom Caps.

    3. Bwahaha! All n00bs will feel my wrath in COD. I are the best farmer evah!
  17. Its actually... Mifarmining.

    #Rekt #MadeUp #Yolo #Icantstop #why ? :cool:
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  18. The urban dictionary / video game definition might be a bit different from the real-life one, but still, collecting non-replenishing worldgen grass blocks isn't farming. All the cases your link describes involve something that keeps spawning. Most games don't have a world where you can chip away at the world itself and deplete its natural resources. I think farming has to have some amount of renewability, or some kind of a cycle (plant, wait, harvest) / (wait, spawn, harvest).

    Unless you want to say that the Wasteland resets are part of the cycle, and ShelLuser is harvesting the reset's crop lest it go to waste. But then there would be no distinction between mining and farming in the Wastelands, because all mining could also be called "farming".

    Can I change my answer to option 3? :confused:
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  19. It's clearly farmining