Is there a Rainbow Runner on EMC?

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    EDIT: The 'Forest Runner' is now built: click here to skip ahead for more info
    EDIT TWO: The 'Dragon Escape' is now built as well: Click to jump to this post

    So I've been trying to think of a less common activity to add to my utopia res, and I keep coming back the the rainbow runner idea. I honestly just think they're really 'nifty' and that it would be a challenging build for me.

    Anywho, after watching a ton of videos on you tube, I'm very concerned about the sheer amount of stuff going on with the build. I'm curious if there is one already built on EMC? Or whether or not it would run on the server/cause so much lag that it wouldn't operate/or worse yet even crash the server. I'm very hesitant of taking on this project because I have other redstone builds (ie drop floor) on the plot, and the space is meant to host events(so I'm always mindful of reducing chances for lag).
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  2. Rainbow Runner is not currently on EMC, and it doesn't look like it will be. It requires a lot of command blocks (Which EMC doesn't use), and it requires 1.8. EMC currently isn't 1.8, though it supports 1.8 clients.
    It looks like it would be a lot of fun, though.
  3. What is rainbow runner?
  4. Hi cdjs,

    This looks like an interesting build / game indeed, one which I may experiment with myself a little (not on EMC or to host events or such; just in creative to check how it works and how / if it could be improved). I looked around Youtube just now, discovered several tutorials but also noticed that not everyone is using a very efficient design.

    I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find any public event of this type. Of course that doesn't have to say anything; it is possible that someone build something like this and uses it semi-privately, but considering the amount of required resources I'd doubt it.

    So yah; best to my knowledge I'd say this doesn't exist yet (but I could be wrong!).

    Well, depending on the type of game I see no reason at all why this wouldn't work on EMC.

    With one major exception: the fire damage. By default you don't take any damage from lava on your residence and as you can see here the flag is a restricted one; which means that only senior staff or admins can set this. So before you start building this I'd definitely try contacting senior staff about this first. Because if they're not interested in this game then it won't work, unless you're going to build this in the Frontier (which I would seriously suggest against doing).

    Of course you could simply add a game rule which states that anyone on fire loses the game. That's doable.

    Thinking about this; it might be possible to extend the game a little; so instead of making the floor go upwards you'd remove the floor block instead; this would makes players drop down (bit of a spleef idea) which would prevent any doubts as to who won or lost.

    As to the rest of the game; the excessive use of minecarts could cause some kind of delay but although I am taking an educated guess I don't think it should cause too much of a problem. Apart from the damage flag this game should easily work.

    One tip though: if you do decide on using that minecart pattern then I'd strongly recommend that you remove the carts when you're done playing and add them again when you start a new game. For 2 reasons: first, leaving no carts running obviously causes less lag / impact for the server.

    But the second reason; and why I'd suggest replacing the carts (instead of simply stopping them): by doing so you're also changing the on/off sequences. And that will prevent players from "learning the game".

    Because if you keep the carts running then it'll be easy to eventually predict which lanes will go up, this gives players an unfair advantage.

    So yah, that's my idea. Sounds interesting, if you need help building then I'd be happy to give you a hand.

    Either way; I downloaded a map from youtube and I'll probably re-build one game on my experimental world myself, so as soon as I learned more about any possible extension options then I'll let you know.
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  5. Very easy to make on your design, replace the lava with floating Tripwire and hooks 1 block out to either-side, then put a '/res tpsign' on the other side of one of the hooks, have this send them to the looser room.

    As shell has stated the lag from minecarts could be annoying,
    So either manually break them and place them for each game, or have one of the powered rails on each system set to a toggle-able redstone circuit on game start (lever in your control room/entrance doorway that sends a continuous current to the 5 powered rails in True state)

    Enjoy your game.
  6. Thank you all for you reading and leaving your comments. If I were to build it, I would go with the trip wire idea. Thank you all for the tips to reducing lag and making it most effective/fun on our server.

    I have a lot to think about on this project, before I bite off more than I can chew, but I think in the end it would be worth it to have.

    Thanks Again!
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  7. *sprays 5IMON with water bottle*

    Go in the corner of the room, I thought you would know better than this! :mad:
  8. Nope totally meant looser room, we don't have winners and losers in EMC, you go to the looser room and just hang free, loosen up, ya'know?
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  9. I tried starting one a few years ago, and the sheer amount of resources needed to complete it was incredible. I never finished it.
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  10. Yes, it is a ton of resources, I agree! :eek:
    Luckily I stashed away chests and chests of red stone components during my first few weeks in anticipation of these types of projects. If anyone see's me at the iron farms tho.. you'll know why! lol
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  11. The game server is going to use command blocks...
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  12. Just to make sure you know, those huge iron sections can be any block you want, as with the gold stuff. the only blocks that you need to be pretty are the game rule itself, the redstone section can be dirt if you really want. Its not going to be seen by people anyway.
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  13. We have a RainbowChin if that's close enough.
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  14. Thanks, yeah I'm pretty fond of stone brick (until we can craft mossy stone brick that is) The iron is more to replace a million pistons :p

    .. but that could have been an expensive mistake for someone who didn't know, so super good looking out +1
  15. You could easily do this without command blocks lol
    no it doesnt lol

    EDIT: I'm actually considering building one of these :p it looks quite entertaining
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  16. I meant the command block commands.
  17. you also dont need command blocks
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  18. There's one being built, actually. Problem is, the builder has been hooked on Xbox for a few weeks...
  19. Where is it going to be?