Is it possible to move a res from one server to another?

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  1. Is it possible to move a res from one server to another?
    My best girl is on smp5 and my shop is on smp3. I would like to move everything I built to smp5. I would even consider paying some admin to use world edit to do the move.
  2. Yes, but it'll cost you. :)
    EDIT: And you may need to own a residence on the other server in order to make the move, though I'm not sure about that.
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  3. 150k can be quite a lot for people, so there's another (and free (almost)) option:

    You can unclaim your residence (or she can unclaim hers) and claim a new one next to one another for free. You're going to have to do /res unclaim, then click the green wool that appears. You won't have a residence and will be free to claim another one. Note that this will reset everything on it, so I advise storing everything in your vault or on her plot.

    The next step is locating a residence to claim. You need to visit her residence, with /visit [player name]. From there, you need to look for residences that are derelict or open. There will be four residences next to hers, one on each side. You want to go on each of those residences and do /res info while standing on the residence. Look for one of two things: Status: Available or Derelict Status: Derelict. Once you find a residence that says either of those two things when you do /res info, you know that residence is good to claim.

    If the residence says Status: Available, simply do /claim and that residence will be yours. If the residence says Derelict Status: Derelict, do /res forceclaim and click the green wool. There is a 5,000 rupee charge, though.

    Or, one of you could buy Gold Supporter for $10/mo and get an extra residence. (You don't have to maintain a subscription to keep the extra residence.)

    It can be a bit confusing, so if you happen to mess up feel free to send me a PM and I'll help you out. (This was copied and changed to fit this scenario from another thread, so it might be a bit confusing.)
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  4. So apparently the Wiki contains a story. Yikes. That surprises me. :p
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  5. I'm sure whoever wrote the page was just feeling creative. :p
  6. Most has been said above but I would like to present yet another alternative... Because the town world allows us to teleport to other residences it's obviously not really needed to have a residence directly next to your friends. Trust me: I know that it is much nicer (one of my best friends is also my direct neighbor on SMP2) but teleportation also works. For example by using a teleport feature sign.

    So the other option I'd like to mention is simply looking for any open residence and claim that. You can do so using the /res open command. This teleports you to any random available residence. Which can then be claimed using the /claim command, provided of course that you have an open slot available as Penguin already explained.

    Well, all of us contrib. members share a good dose of creativity; it's what helps us with these edits in the first place :)