Is it against the rules to rename horses using an anvil

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  1. Someone told me it was after I already did it. The guy I bout the horses from did the same
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  2. No, it is not against the rules.
    I have three of the mane six from MLP c: (Given to me as a gift)
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  3. Awesome I was so paranoid they said solar posted it and I searched all over the forum and couldn't find it. I was scars I accidentally broke a rule
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  4. Nope, nothing about that is against the rules. :)
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  5. What you did there. I see it.
  6. The only time this would be against the rules - is if they tried renaming it and passing it off, trying to sell it to you as one of the promo items - when in actuality it was just a normal horse... (even though they would be lored, and you could tell difference from the custom names on the eggs)
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  7. Or if the name is inappropriate :p
  8. Well, I was gonna name my donkey "Jackass", but I decided I wouldn't be dumb. :p
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  9. :p Call it JunkTruck
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  10. "Genuine Imitation Beef"
  11. why would it be illegal....
  12. Someone told me that solar posted that it was, I wanted to make sure it wasnt
  13. Solar?
  14. aikar stupid auto correct
  15. hmm, a pity that I already spawned my horse, otherwise I would've called it Butt Stallion :D
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  16. \o3o/ Tesco Special
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  17. Y
    You can egg it and rename or find a nametag
  18. Give it diamond horse armor, and change your skin? and then, make another horse with gold armor?
  19. You could always talk to Aikar and ask if he would change the Naming Tags to charge 5 xp Lvl. just like the anvil does.. :p
    But no, it is not against the rules to rename stuff using the anvil, it is part of the core client to allow renaming of items via the anvils. The name tags were only added as a little special item that does the same thing without charging those 5 xp Lvls that could be used for repairs or enchantments.. :3