is going on top of the nether illegal?

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  1. So, for multiple reasons I would love to start some projects - located on top of the frontier nether. Some people though, told me that that isn't allowed because it is 'Exploiting a bug'. On the rules list, I found this:
    I think those people aimed at the part "in a way not intended by the default game settings", but I wouldn't really agree. First of all, all players have the same advantage's of it, it isn't just for me.
    Second of all: if it really would be unintended, Mojang would've fixed this by now. Besides, it just adds some more to the game, besides EMC, I use it alot and I see other people also use it alot, like it is just normal. Now, if this would have been gamebreaking like the duplicate item glitches that have been around Minecraft a couple of times, I would have understand. But for me, this is just a small step behind the BUD-switches, which was unintentional too, but hey, it's just part of the game now it seems :3.

    EDIT: I read all this, and either I just dont onderstand, or I just completely dissagree -.- (probably the second one).
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  2. Is it even possible? I thought it teleported you back automatically.
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  3. I think it teleports you back. I don't think you can get to the top.
  4. Yup. I believe it teleports you back to spawn.
  5. Yeah, it does. Used to be amazing- if you got to the top you used to be able to /town from anywhere... lmao the transport trips I made back then... :rolleyes:
  6. I can confirm that Aikar has added a part where if you go up there... there is no move, as well as it will tp you back down safely.
  7. oh I didn't know that, I hadn't tried it out yet.

    That is so lame though... why didn't he just fix the /town bug?....
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  8. It's not just the /town bug; going on top of the Nether gives you several (IMO unfair) advantages which also ruin the gameplay experience. Lets be honest: bedrock was never meant to be broken in the first place. In true vanilla'ish fashion it would take a million or so TNT explosions to barely damage one :eek: I know that this bug is still exploitable / possible in vanilla Minecraft but it wouldn't be the first time where Aikar fixed such bugs on EMC in order to enhance or simply balance gameplay.

    It'll be more work to build stuff in the Nether, I can see that, but what good is a game without a decent challenge?
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  9. Thought EMC was supposed to be vanilla? shouldn't they keep stuff that is in vanilla minecraft instead of what aikar likes and doesn't like?
  10. Didn't you know. EMC is no longer vanilla... illuminati exposed!!
  11. Very fair point, and one which has been endlessly discussed. I've given a lot of enhancements a lot of thought but so far I can only conclude that I like the vanilla+ aspect of EMC a lot better.

    To play the devils advocate here: if it was vanilla none of us would have any land or animal protection anywhere. Not even in town, and Aikar and the devs. could just as well stop working on land claiming & protection. But that's the non-vanilla part which a lot of us players do want. So in all fairness EMC is basically vanilla+.

    My stance: there will always be areas which you won't like about a game, no matter who designed, programmed or enhanced/changed it (ey Aikar :D). But just because you don't like it doesn't always mean it's unfair (even though it might seem that way).
  12. Except everyone wants land claiming, not everyone wants to be unable to go on top of the nether :p land claiming is something that directly and positively enhances gameplay, the disability to go on top of the nether takes a bit away from it. I think it would be nice if aikar asked the players before changing these kinds of things. Just my two cents, sorry if i'm changing this into a debate.
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  13. Land claiming is a feature. Fixing the going on top of the nether was bug fixing and happened a LONG time ago due to things like:
    If ability to tp back to town from any distance in the nether isn't a bug that needed fixing, then we might as well just allow flying, xray, etc while we're at it. Default Minecraft doesn't have teleportation so climbing on top of the nether isn't an issue that can be abused there. We put in multiple fixes to correct issues that arise from the combination of our game setup with that of default. For example, in default you can only shoot a firework once. In EMC, you can shoot the same firework multiple times. Is it a change from vanilla? Yes, but you don't see people griping about it.
  14. Is flying and xray possible without mods or /gamemode?
  15. No, but that's the point of my statement. Ability to tp from anywhere is equivalent to flying. Which is NOT in vanilla. Vanilla Minecraft doesn't have TP so we have to make adjustments on our side to keep things as default as possible in experience.
  16. IMO, they should have fixed the area where you can use the /town command instead of just disabling the whole thing and leave vanilla bug fixing to mojang. The single use of a firework in default is intentional, not a bug, so the infinite firework thing here is more of a feature like land claim rather than a bug fix isn't it?
  17. it would be nice for nether travel to be able to put a rail system up there lol
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  18. It was my first thought as well, but the real question is: can they? I'm not sure they can.

    I don't know the commands from mind (can look them up) but you can change the world size (its the same border which you see at the edge of the waste). Some player made levels use this very cleverly. Here's the thing: if you use creative (or such) and go outside that border you'll suddenly notice that you can forget all about the "laws of Minecraft physics" because a lot of things suddenly act completely different.

    This is the guessing part on my end: I can't help wonder if the same applies here. Top of the nether is basically outside the gaming world, so I could well imagine that some commands (and some plugins?) now work completely different, because you're 'outside' the normal game world.
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  19. I would just like to get about 5 min on the roof to break it with Dark Oak trees to set up a beacon :)
  20. Mojang changed it in.... 1.8? where you can place beacons as long as it has a dirct path through the bedrock (no netherrack at all).
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