Is copherfield the only one of the four that actually left?

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Is copherfield the only one that left?

Yes. 28 vote(s) 66.7%
No. 14 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. So i have seen Squizzel and eclipsys on occasionally. And i know Biscuit has been on the forums frequently... Is copherfield the only one who actually left?
    And yes i know that Eclipsys said he would be active in the forums.
  2. And this matters why?? :rolleyes:
  3. Just to curb my curiosity, and i think others have been wondering the same thing:) I have heard questions go around about them in town chat:)
  4. copherfield is banned.
  5. I saw that, but i think he could get it lifted if he wanted to return.
  6. Ban reason says: Banned on request.

    So I think he could indeed return if he wants to.
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  7. The truth is, I am copherfield.
  8. I have a feeling that that is plausible.
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  9. Haha. No.
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  10. All I have to say to this thread is one acronym... lol!
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  11. Ahahaha ...... -.-
  12. I never even knew he left! Then again, I'm barely ever on here anymore XD
  13. Not anymore. He just made an ass of himself on the forums with his "The Truth Is" forum. Really, some people need an education. (His alt got banned) Here's ICC last post before the thread was closed:

    Oh, and just in case you use another alt to read this (as this one is now banned) I'll respond to your private message here:

    No, I don't believe you're sorry and no I will not unban you. :)
  14. I think everyone except Biscuit left. The others just sign in to keep their res's.
  15. oh my god. i never thought i would see the sarcastic/trolling posts of the NPC itself. come back to us, SWM!
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  16. ...So they haven't left :confused:
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  17. Out of curiosity I was looking at their site and saw they had a live map. When I checked, it was just Copherfield and Brandop on it and they never moved the whole time I was reading on their forum. Must be pretty lonely. If I had wanted that, I would have continued playing singleplayer and never joined EMC.
  18. Yeah, after my brother, Brandop got banned, he went to it with him.
  19. Bro I'll sue you for identity theft.